No Poo is Not for Me

About 2 years ago I decided to take out my extensions and be happy with my own hair.

From This

From This

To This

To This

I had images of it growing strong and long (though it has never been that way before). I researched different ways to give yourself beautiful, long, and healthy hair and found an article about the “No- Poo Movement” which is a method of hair care where you don’t wash your hair with commercial shampoo. Most websites recommend a  wash of baking soda with an acidic rinse like lemon juice or vinegar.  It’s supposed to make your hair and scalp healthier because you wouldn’t be using harsh chemicals.  I decided to give it a go even though I couldn’t find any articles about African American women doing it. I did it for about a year and ….  I got dandruff. I don’t know why- a major point about doing the No-Poo movement is that your scalp  will get oily, but for some reason my scalp got super dry and flaky so I don’t recommend doing it if you are black/African American. If any other black/African American person has tried the No- Poo movement I would love to hear from you!

After my No-Poo phase failed I went back to washing my hair with normal shampoo- but much less frequently. I currently “Co-Wash” (wash my hair with only conditioner) my hair about once a week or after I exercise.

Does anyone have any hair care tips that work well for them?


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