Do Hair Relaxers Go Bad?

Do hair relaxers go bad?

I had been all over the internet with this question and I never got a straight answer. I did find lots of useless suggestions such as “Just check the expiration date!” (there are no expiration dates on hair relaxers), and scary urban myths such as  “A friend of mine used an old perm and all of her hair fell out!”  I couldn’t find anything from a reputable source, but I did find one good piece of advice- call up the company and ask them. So world,here is what the nice lady at Soft Sheen Carson told me: Perms can’t go bad if you never mix the activator. She asked for the invoice/product number and let me know that the H (for example, if the product number is 30H2517) meant it was made in 2011 and it should be fine.

I live in Japan, and Japan doesn’t sell things that are common place in America – Cool Whip, Splenda, deodorant, and so many other things. As a result I usually stock up on deodorant, toothbrushes (I have never found a toothbrush as fancy as an American one), razors (American ones are way better in my opinion), and of course black hair care products. I usually stock up on relaxers while I am in the states and buy myself more than enough to get through the year and then subsequently buy more the next year. As a result the older relaxers get pushed to back of my closet as I use the new ones because they are easier to reach. I found a couple of boxes of relaxers from a few years ago and I wondered if I would be able to use them. The scene from What’s Love Got to Do With where Tina Turner tries to relax her hair and it starts falling out in clumps in the sink began to flash in my head. I’m glad to know that the year-old relaxers won’t do that my hair.


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