DIY Fabric Boards

One of the first DIY projects I completed were some cute fabric boards for my American wedding!


I am in love with this fabric! It is the perfect shade of yellow and green.

This project was extremely easy.


Cork Boards



Staple Gun


I cut out fabric and batting that was two inches larger (length and width-wise) than the cork board.

I placed the cork board on the fabric and stapled down the fabric lengthwise.


This fabric piece size was a bit irregular so its much longer length-wise than the typical two inches extra.

I then folded down a corner of the fabric and batting into a triangle as if I was wrapping a present.


and then the other corner


then folded the top flap down


and stapled it down.


Voila- instant fabric board!


This took me about 2 hours to do all. I ironed the fabric before I used it so it would not be wrinkly and that took a bit of time. I plan on pinning paper signs to the fabric boards and will use them for the guestbook and card box signs.

I am in love with my fabric boards!They were easy to make and I can use them after the wedding as well!

Do you have any easy DIY projects you have done or are working on?


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