Deciding on a Color Palette

When Mr. Gondola and I started talking about our color scheme for the wedding one thing he said flat out was that he did not want too much pink. My favorite color is yellow and Mr. G’s is green so we figured we would have green and white for the American wedding and yellow and white for the Japanese wedding (Yay for double weddings! Mr. G and I can both get our way!)
Now, I am a typical girly- girl, but even I knew that a lot of pink would be too feminine and not really describe the both of us so I agreed until two things happened. One, I found the most adorable pink teapots that would look so cute on the table. Two, I kept seeing all of these gorgeous pink and gold color palette pins online

Image via Photography by Jessica Lewis Photography


Images via
Photography by Jessica Lewis Photography

Yellow and white turned into yellow and white with hints of pink- which turned into cream, yellow, white, and pink with hints of gold. It started to feel unbalanced so I went to The Perfect Palette and clicked on all the palettes that I liked to see if I could find a balance.

p1 p2 p5p4

As you can see a lot of the same colors keep popping up so I condensed it into this palette.

The condensed version of the palettes

The condensed version of the palettes

Obviously this palette is insane and I need to really cut it down to something more reasonable. I’m leaning toward this:


and I am hoping Mr. Gondola will be okay with it.

I never ever thought I would be the girl who would mull about color palettes or get excited about teapots. Since the engagement I feel like I’ve turned into this:


Image via

Image via

How did you choose your color palette? Did your fiance agree with it?

Anyone else love Little Britain? This is by far one of my favorite sketches!


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