Wedding Wednesday

I have started to confine all of wedding planning insanity to one day of the week- my own personal Wedding Wednesday. Before Wedding Wednesdays I would spend every moment of my commute thinking about weddings, looking at wedding websites, and listening to wedding podcasts. It was getting to be too much for me so now I try my best to confine it all to Wednesday. I have been doing it for about three weeks now and it’s been working well. I am sending wedding- related emails out only on Wednesday so I am not always in front of the computer. I also try to not talk about wedding details with Masa unless its on Wednesday (I wonder if he thinks that”s true). Last Wednesday, I listened to an old episode of Say Yes to the Dress:Monte’s Take Podcast and just relished in thinking about the wedding and the planning. It was much more enjoyable since its a once a week thing rather than a constant stream of wedding stuff.

Last week’s Wedding Wednesday task- finishing the 50 origami place card holders I plan on using for the American wedding.

Origami Cranes

Origami Cranes

Origami card holder with fake place card

Origami card holder with fake place card

You can get the tutorial for the place card holders here.

By the way, origami cranes were one of the things that I vowed I would not have at my wedding and now I am having one on every plate. I am so ashamed of myself.


Anyone else doing wedding Wednesdays?


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