Fighting With Your Fiance

Early on in my engagement a few friends told me to not worry if  Mr. G and I got into arguments more during the wedding planning process because it would be normal and inevitable. I did worry a little bit and felt lucky when I stumbled upon a podcast called Say Yes to the Dress: Monte’s Take. (Sadly, the podcast doesn’t air any new episodes but they can still be found on iTunes.)

Monte and his co- host Candace Keener (formerly of the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast) did a podcast on involving the groom in wedding planning and Monte gave some great advice: narrow down any question or concept you have to three choices and present them to your fiancé. This piece of advice has probably saved me from a few arguments with Mr G. Instead of hassling asking him with any new idea, I would take a moment to present it in a way that was more “yay” or “nay” or “Which do you prefer out of these three?” than “What do you think?”

Of course, Mr. G and I have had a few arguments during wedding planning. The biggest fight to date has been about wedding dresses. I wanted Mr. G to have a definite preference about what wedding dress would look good on me and Mr. G has no preferences about wedding dresses whatsoever. It made me super frustrated. Why couldn’t he pick a wedding dress silohuette that was right for me? Why was he not more like Monte from Say to the Dress?! We fought for a good 15 minutes until I realized that I was being pretty crazy and probably having a bridezilla moment.

Besides that we haven’t been fighting much and I have been using the “Which do you like out of these three?” approach. Flowers and invitations are not his thing but he does like to voice his opinion on other options.

I am hoping that our wedding planning journey will not get any crazier and that we don’t fight too much.

Pillow fights are always okay though

Pillow fights are always okay though!

Have you been fighting with your fiancé more now that you are engaged?
Did you ever get into any stupid fights during your wedding planning?


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