Conversion Chart

About two years ago, right before I moved in with Masa, I bought three cookbooks. I have a horrible sense of smell which means I have a bad sense of taste. As a result, I can eat the same thing everyday for months and be perfectly fine. I did not want to subject Masa to this so I bought the cookbooks in the hopes that he and I can get some cooking ideas and have a varied menu.

Cue ominous music….Those cookbooks have never been opened.

Why? Because right after I ordered those cookbooks on Amazon, I got an invite to join Pinterest. From then on Masa and I have been getting all of our dinner ideas and recipes from Pinterest.

Screen shot of my Pinterest page

Screen shot of my Pinterest page

Living in metric Japan(e.g. grams,milliliters, Celsius)  and using empiric American recipes (cups, tablespoons, and Fahrenheit)  requires lots of converting for flour, sugar, liquids and oven temperature. I got annoyed at having to constantly go on my iPhone to convert recipes so I made a conversion chart that I can hang on my kitchen wall and go back and forth.

Conversion Chart

I must admit, its pretty ugly and I wish I had more design skills to make it look nicer, but it gets the job done. Feel free to download it and use it, and if anyone out there wants to make it prettier please do and send it to me!



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