Doing Laundry in Japan

Before Masa and I moved in together I went all over the Internet looking for good advice for couples who were about to move in together. The best advice I read was this: Make a chore list so that household tasks are clearly defined. Masa and I did this and it has been great. We both know what is expected of each other so there is no fighting or resentment and the house is usually clean. We split the chores 50:50, but there is one chore that I wish I could put off on Masa, and that is laundry.

Why? Well one, Japanese washing machines are small so I have to do laundry everyday or at the least every other day as opposed to the once a week I did back in the states.

My tiny washing machine which is pretty big according to Japanese standards.

Two, there are no dryers in Japan. The cost to blow hot air at your clothes while a machine tumbles them in a circle would cause your electricity bills to go through the roof. As a result, I have to hang my clothes outside which is a bit more extra work.

I must admit that I do enjoy hanging my clothes out when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. I do miss, however, the fluffy towels you get when you dry your towels in a dryer.

Also, in the winter it is way too cold to hang your clothes out to dry. So what do you do?


Oh yeah, that’s right! You hang them up in your living room right in front of your unit air conditioner. Your room gets warm and your clothes get dry. Japanese ingenuity in action!

SN: sorry for the poor quality pictures. My camera is broken and going to get a new one when I get to the states.


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