Back Home Again

I’m back in the United States of America!

America...f**K yeah!!

America…f**K yeah!!

It is great to be back! The trip from Japan to America wasn’t too bad this time . I took the shinkansen(bullet train) to Tokyo and 19 hours later, here I am  in sunny south Florida.

My welcome home was especially amazing thanks to this fancy lady:


My mother at a tea party- yes, an actual tea party

My mother is a very fancy lady (as you can see, she enjoys wearing gloves at formal events- now that’s fancy). She is an etiquette teacher, an event planner, president of  her Women’s Club, and has a full time job. I am biased, but I think she is pretty amazing.

After a long flight I came home to this spectacular room waiting for me (picture heavy).


Fresh cut flowers


Beautiful candles


A goodie bag

the full contents of the goodie bag

The full contents of the goodie bag

my favorite dessert- dove white chocolate

My favorite dessert- Dove white chocolate bites

There were also slippers and pajamas laid out on the bed along with a bottle of water. I felt so special once I walked into the room! It was like being in a five star hotel- and after traveling for 25 hours it felt wonderful to not worry about rummaging in my suitcase for my toothbrush or shower cap.

I woke up this morning pretty refreshed and I am hoping I won’t have jet lag too badly this trip. Tommorow, I plan on spending hours at Target. The day afterward I am going to go wedding dress shopping!

It has been so great to be back in the states!


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