Raccoon Eyes

During spring break, I found a very sweet make up artist for my wedding. Before we met up, she asked me about my basic makeup and fashion which really got me thinking.

I have lived in Japan for about 10 years and fashion has not changed much since I have been here. There are four basic styles:

1. Office Lady:


Photo From allabout.co.jp


Photo From allabout.co.jp

The office lady look is preppy mixed with a bit of sexy and involves lots of Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

2. Layers, Layers, and more Layers


Photo from item.rakuten.co.jp


Photo from item.rakuten.co.jp

This look can sometimes border on “Homeless Chic,” and it must be a million degrees under all of those layers.

3. Grown Women Who Dress like Little Girls


Photo from gmo.toku.jp


Photo from blog.excite.co.jp/fteri/

Everyone, the craze right now is little girl socks with heels. It is everywhere!



And of course, the Grown Women Who Dress Like Little Girls trend includes the “Lolita” and “Gothic Lolita” look.

Japanese women dressed in Lolita fashion walk in front of the venue of "Individual Fashion Expo. IV" fashion event in Tokyo

Photo from guestofaguest.com/tokyo

Last, but not least, the final fashion trend is:

4. Humans Trying to Look Like Animals


Cat Ear Hats
Photo from http://www.curvys.jp

Rabbit Ear Headbands Photo from www.curvys.jp

Rabbit Ear Headbands
Photo from http://www.curvys.jp

Tail Charms Photo from www.curvys.jp

Tail Charms
Photo from http://www.curvys.jp

I am ashamed to say that my fashion falls into the fourth category. I actually owned a rabbit ear headband and I often rock a tail a tail on my purse.


I also do raccoon eyes.



Why do I do this? I guess Japan’s cult of cuteness slowly draws you in until you think it’s totally normal to have rabbit ears while you go out grocery shopping. I must also admit that wearing my tail reminds me of Super Mario Bros. which just makes me happy.

I let my makeup artist know that I usually have raccoon eyes, but I’d like to have something more elegant for the wedding. She totally came through, and I’ll write more about my makeup trial later.

The older I get, the more I realize that I can’t rock the animal look for ever. Rabbit ears on a 40 year old woman will probably just look weird rather than cute.  I will probably slowly move towards a fashion trend that is more mature, but of course uniquely me.

I think the Animal trend may be coming to America. Kurt from Glee was actually rocking a tail!


Anyone else out there enjoy trying to look like animal? Anyone trying to transition to different  fashion trend as they get older.


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