Stump the Bookseller

During spring vacation I started a quest.

A quest to find a beloved book from my childhood about a kitten. The only problem was that I didn’t remember the title or even the main character’s name. The only thing I remembered was a sentence – “What a pickle you’ve gotten into!” This was said after the kitten fell into a bowl of milk. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom as a child trying to figure out how a cat could get into a pickle (the green cucumber-y kind) and why the picture didn’t match what was written. I later asked my dad and he explained to me that getting into a pickle meant getting into a troubled situation.

This was probably my favorite book as a child. Growing up in the 80’s most girls loved horses, kittens,or dolphins. I was a kitten girl.

Yep, this cute little girl loved kittens.

Yep, this cute little girl loved kittens.

While trying to look for the book (i.e. googling: kitten, pickle and children’s book and coming up with nothing) I found an awesome service online called Stump the Bookseller. You write as much as you can remember about the book, no matter how little, and a group of booksellers try to figure out what you are talking about. You can also go through the archives and see if someone has already answered your question rather than paying the four dollars to get your inquiry posted for the booksellers.

I went through the archives at first but couldn’t find my answer (on later reflection I probably did stumble across the answer but didn’t recognize it since my memory of it was so vague).

My question was answered in 2 days! I read the answer and immediately bought the book on Amazon. I was ecstatic!

Here is the book!

Here is the book!

Okay, this is where it gets real. I pull out the book super excited and full of expectations of how wonderful I remember the book being and…. it was just okay. As always, being a child makes everything brighter, shinier, and better. Or maybe I had just built the book up in my head after all this time.

As an adult, I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed before : there were no people of color in the book.
As I said before, I am a child of the eighties and from what I remember most TV shows and books had lots of diversity, such as The Baby-Sitters Club, Jem and the Holograms, Sesame Street, and so much more. It was a bit of a surprise to flip through this book and not see any of that.
Nonetheless, It is still a really cute book and I fully intend to pass it on to my kids.

Did you have anything from your childhood that on second viewing wasn’t a great as you remember?


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