My Wedding Makeup Trial

During my spring break  in March (being a teacher is awesome- you get to have spring break!), I went back to the States and I completed my makeup trial for the American wedding. Let me tell you, I actually dreaded my makeup trial and prayed it would be over with as quickly as possible. Why, you ask? Because even though I am a pretty outgoing person, I can be painfully shy when it comes to being one on one with a stranger. I am the girl in the salon who listens to her iPod so she doesn’t have to make small talk with the manicurist or pedicurist. I read a book when I get my hair done so I don’t have to talk to the hair stylist. I know, it’s bad.

My appointment was at noon and at 11am I was on the couch trying to make mental note cards of topics I could discuss with the makeup artist so there wouldn’t be the dreadful lull of silence that inevitably happens when I talk to a stranger.

I didn’t have anything to worry about though. My makeup artist Aimee was wonderful, sweet, and kind. I found her on Wedding Wire where she was highly recommended. Before we met up she had me fill out a very detailed questionnaire that asked about my general makeup, my photographer, even my wedding website. I was surprised she wanted to have so much information and it made me feel that she wanted as much information as possible so she could do the best job possible.

She and her husband came over, (her husband came to set up as she was pregnant at the time) and she brought her own makeup chair, studio light, and of course makeup. We chatted a bit about what I wanted, but she already had a pretty good idea since I had sent her pictures of my inspiration beforehand.

Image via Photographer Steve Granitz

Image via Photographer Steve Granitz

Image via Photographer Jamie McCarthy

Image via Photographer Jamie McCarthy

I wanted somewhat heavy eye makeup, pink cheeks, and that my lips be balanced. My lips are are two different colors- the top is brown and the bottom is pink so I knew that would be difficult to work with.


Here is what I usually look like: black eyeliner and a neutral lip.

She started on my eyes and moved on to the airbrush foundation. It was my first time getting airbrushed makeup which was very cool. I thought it was going to splatter all over my shirt but it was totally fine. Here are a few pictures from the trial. Pardon the dorky expression on my face.

image[1] image[4] image[5]

My biggest concern was my lips, but she balanced them out well. She used MAC Touch lipstick if you are interested.

The whole process was very pleasant. Aimee chatted with me and very much put me at ease. I am so glad she will be doing my makeup on my wedding day. On such a stressful day I’m pretty sure she will be a calming presence on that day.

I took advantage of having my makeup trial and booked my engagement photos that same day. It was a great chance to see how the makeup would photograph and how it would hold up outside. It is easy to see that it held up just great.


Photographer Courtney Ortiz

How did your makeup trial go? Were there any awkward silences?


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