Say What?!

My suitcase for spring break was packed with lots of wedding projects since I knew it would be easier to bring them in a suitcase than have them shipped at a very high price from Japan to the States. This meant that even though my wedding in the states is in November I needed to have lots the of big projects done by early March. Since I’m a crazy over -planning kind of lady this didn’t bother me much. During winter vacation I worked on quite a few projects such as fabric boards and origami cranes.

Origami Cranes

Origami Cranes

Now let me tell you something about my origami cranes, when I first started planning my wedding the one thing I vowed I would never do would be origami cranes.  I think that origami cranes at weddings are absolutely beautiful, but I live in Japan and I felt that it is something that everyone would expect and I really wanted to be original and unique.

Then, I got bride brain.

There are many different versions of bride brain, such as the  bride who crashes her car because she is too busy staring at her engagement ring rather than paying attention to the road, or the bride who overly  fixates on her wedding colors.

I think this borders more on bridezilla than bride brain but it was too funny not to post

I think this borders more on bridezilla than bride brain but it was too funny not to post.

My version of bride brain was this: concerning myself with the really small details of the wedding that no one will notice and turning them into very big things that only I care about and getting weird looks from Masa when I talked about them.

After being on Pinterest for about an hour looking for place card ideas my bride brain told me that I HAD to have origami place card holders, and I am sad to say that I became the bride who sat home in front of the TV and folded 50 origami cranes night after night even though she really didn’t want to. Once I finished, I packed them in a box and jammed them in a suitcase and set off for America.

I arrived in America and my mother and I got together and I showed her all of my DIY projects. She loved all of them until I took out those origami cranes. Her face wrinkled in disgust and she said “I’m not really feeling those. Lets think about something else.”

I was like,


In that instance, all the hours of painstakingly folding those cranes flashed before my eyes. I could not believe she didn’t like them!
The next moment, the rational side of my brain voiced itself over my anger.
“Hey girl,” it said to me, “You never wanted those origami cranes in the first place. This shows you right for going against you better self and getting caught up in all this wedding insanity.”

I took a deep breath and looked at my mom and said “Okay”.

My “Say What?!” moment has hopefully stopped me from getting caught up in anymore wedding insanity. I am still going to do DIY crafts, but if my gut tells me that I’m going overboard I’m going to stop myself. My priorities are now enjoying my time as an engaged couple with Masa- not grudgingly working on wedding projects I don’t even want.

I still, unfortunately, have bride brain. This time I was too busy instructing Masa on how to order our save the dates that I forgot to add cornstarch to my homemade fig newton cookies and ended up making this gooey mess. They still tasted fine though!


Anyone else get caught up in wedding insanity?


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