My Mother: The Vendor Maker

When Mr. Gondola and I got engaged and decided to have two weddings it was easy for me to decide what vendors I was going to have in America thanks to my well-connected mother. Through her connections we easily chose our photographer and ceremony site.

Just to let you know, my mother is a fancy lady.


Here she is drinking tea with gloves. Now that is fancy!

She is also very social and she loves meeting people (the exact opposite of me). We live in a very nice town in Fort Lauderdale and my mother is heavily involved in the community and is constantly meeting people. She does charity work for a local hospital and is also the president of a social club in Fort Lauderdale that is constantly throwing parties, having fundraisers, and supporting programs in the local community. My mother is often busy with work and her social club events that she rarely has time to cook, and often eats out at restaurants where she meets even more people.

My mother and I having martinis.

My mother and I having martinis at one of my mom’s favorite restaurants.

My mother is super connected and I as a result I know lots of people too—restaurant owners, photographers, videographers, and so much more.

When it came to choosing a photographer I instantly thought of Courtney Ortiz. She is in the same social club as my mother and is an amazing photographer. I love how she makes all of her photos so vibrant.

cici-42 26277_378606641581_2466525_n

Photos by Courtney Ortiz Photography

The ceremony venue is a beautiful golf course/restaurant called the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort. My mom loves going here to eat and chat with her friends. She even has a drink named after her! It was very easy to choose this place for the ceremony as we know the owners so well and the place is beautiful.  The golf course is very large with tons of palm trees and  a beautiful lake and fountain where the wedding will take place.

bridge-between-hole-16-and-hole-17 watercourse1

Photos of the Hollywood Beach Golf Course

Images Via Hollywood Beach Golf Resort

I am so lucky that I have an awesome mother who is so connected. It has made wedding planning a breeze!

The only thing that I am worried about is that something will go wrong at the wedding and it ruins a friendship between my mother and the vendor, which is one of the main hazards of hiring a friendor (friend+vendor). My mom has thrown events with all of the vendors before so I am not too worried about this. So far all of the vendor meeting that I have had have gone extremely well and I cannot wait for the wedding!

Anyone out there hire their vendors through connections?

Anyone use a friendor for their wedding? How did it turn out?


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