Wholesale Shopping in Miami

When I first told my mother I wanted a wedding day coordinator she told me that she didn’t think I needed one. I then proceeded to list all the things we needed a DOC  for- helping with decorations, setting up, coordinating with vendors, and handling any sticky situation while we sip champagne in the hotel suite. After that, my mom was totally on board to find one- I’m pretty sure it was the mention of champagne that brought her around. Through my mother’s many connections she found an amazing day- of- coordinator named Melody. I am so excited to work with her! When we met, my wedding was about 7 months away so it was still early days, but we chatted a bit and she got a feel for what I wanted  for the wedding and reception. She asked extremely insightful questions about the venue and it was clear she knows her stuff. She is organized, professional, and has tons of insight and awesome tips.

What kind of tips? Well, I casually mentioned that I was looking for takeout boxes for the dessert bar but was debating if the $1 takeout boxes at Micheal’s were too expensive.


Really cute takeout boxes at Michaels

Melody said, “Oh, I know a much cheaper place you can go!” and she gave me an address of a wholesale shop called Chan’s Silk Flowers in Miami. Don’t let the name fool you. They sell a lot more than silk flowers!

My sister and I headed to the wholesale shop a few days later. It is near Miami International Airport which makes sense because it seems that everything in the store was imported. The store is kind of “shady” looking when you walk in- it is a bit dark and there are cardboard boxes stacked every where.


An idea of what the store is like. Pardon the blurry picture of my sister.

I am no expert on finding cheap deals on wedding goods, but I think we  found some amazing deals. As an avid online shopper it was great to find lower priced finds without having to pay for shipping!


Chinese parasols for $5- I found them online for $7.50


Really pretty butterflies!


A bag of stones for a dollar. I’ve seen some brides use these for their guestbooks.


You can”t tell by the picture, but these had beautiful tablecloths inside for about $10- $18.


Gift Boxes- about 8 for $5

I ended up buying those takeout boxes I wanted – I got a dozen for $7 ! I also bought a few more things for the wedding such as gift bags and tissue paper decorations. My sister bought a few things for my niece’s upcoming birthday party.

It was so much fun wholesale shopping! Anyone else out there give it a try? Did I get some good deals or were they just so-so?


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