Mail Call!

I love getting packages in the mail and this week Thursday I got three packages in one day! For someone who rarely gets mail besides bills this was an absolute event.

First, we got our Japanese save the dates in the mail from Vistaprint. I was very nervous when Mr.G opened the box. I usually get a proof or a very small order to make sure everything is alright before I order a larger order, but I didn’t have time to do that for the Japanese STDs. Right before he  opened the package I got an awful feeling in my stomach and said “They’re going to be awful, aren’t they?” but fortunately they  turned out wonderfully.

The print version and the digital version... and my hand.

The print version and the digital version… and my hand. Etsy Shop: Paper Flowers Design

To make our STDs I went on Etsy to find a digital template that would go well with one of our engagement photos. Some sellers on Etsy offer printing services, but I preferred to have a digital file that I could print on Vistaprint cheaply as Vistaprint always has coupons  for printing services.

I have always had great success with Etsy and digital files. The prices are reasonable and everyone on Etsy is so gosh-darn friendly.  The first time I purchased a digital card template was for our holiday cards last year.


Etsy Shop: Southern Petite

I just typed “digital photo save the date” into the Etsy search bar and browsed through the options. I chose my top threeand presented them to Mr. G. He chose his favorite (which was my favorite!). We ordered the template and sent in our photo.  The seller was very friendly and did a great job coordinating the color of the font with my dress.  We got out digital proof 2 days after the purchase and printed them out on Vistaprint.

The second package I received was our Shutterfly Photo Guestbook.


Mr. Gondola showing off our book

I bought my wedding dress at David’s Bridal and one of the sales consultants gave me coupon book full of deals after we finished paying.  One was for 40% off a photo guest book on Shutterfly which I decided to use. I was looking forward to getting a photo guest book, but I wasn’t looking forward to having another time consuming activity on my wedding to do list.  I sat down in front of the computer with Mr. G to start the whole process and Mr.G shockingly took over the entire project and seemed to have a really good time choosing the pictures, the photo pages, and designs. All I did was sip a glass of wine and watch.  Mr. G did an amazing job, and I am always so happy when he lets his creative side shine.

IMG_1458 IMG_1457 IMG_1456

The guestbook looks amazing, and I cannot wait to have people sign it- if they do sign it. I hear so many people say that their guest books hardly ever get signed. Signed or unsigned, whenever I look at it I will not only see the wonderful pictures, but also all of the wonderful work that Mr.G did.

The last package we received was from my friend Yohca, the artist. She sent us handmade paper puppets of me and Mr.G  We will use them for a video we plan to show at the American wedding.

Masa and me in puppet form. Do you think they look like us?

Mr. G and me in puppet form. Do you think they look like us?

I loved all the packages that we got that day. We have a honeymoon registry so unlike other engaged couples we won’t be getting lots of packages in the mail so I am very glad that we had a day like that day to make us feel that we are really in the midst of our own personal wedding season.

Anyone getting great packages in the mail?

Has anyone gotten a Shutterfly guest book? Did you love it?


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