The Dos and Don’ts of Picking an Outfit for Your Engagement Photos

I really like my engagement photos, but whenever I look at them I just get one pang of regret and that regret is my dress. I was very foolish and put off choosing my engagement photo outfit until the very last minute. Why you ask? One, I gained about 15 pounds in the past year and didn’t want to try on any of my clothes as I knew my favorite outfits would be too tight. Two, I can’t really buy clothes in Japan as most stores only sell size Medium (which is an American size Small). Three, I was in the midst of a very cold winter and it was not fun to try on summer clothes (the engagement shoot was in sunny South Florida) in my poorly insulated apartment. In the end, I settled on wearing an old but well fitting green dress.


My old, but well fitting, green dress

However, when I went to the states and told my mom and sister what I planned on wearing they were both underwhelmed. I started to get worried and foolishly ran to the mall and bought the first dress that fit me decently. I regret buying that dress to this day!

In order to not let my dress fail go to waste I am making a list of dos and don’ts so that no one will make the same mistakes as me.

Do put some time and effort into thinking about what you are going to wear in your engagement photos. These are your engagement photos and will capture a very special time between you and your fiance.  You will probably end up using them for your save the dates, invitations, or home decor.

Don’t run to mall and buy anything in haste.

Do find an outfit that fits your personality. If you are a outdoorsy person wear outdoorsy clothes. If you love your university,where your university T-shirt with pride! I often wear dresses, but the dress I wore for the engagement was not me at all. The sleeves are pointy and the dress is very structured while I am more of a flowy dress kind of girl. I so wish I had bought a long, flowing dress and put a flower clip in my hair. That would have been so much more me.

Don’t wear something fancy because someone else thinks your engagement photos should be fancy. I wish I had gone with my initial instinct of wearing my well fitting green dress rather than succumbing to pressure and getting something fancier.

Do wear something that suits your body. If you have an awesome part of your body that you love, show it off! If you have a part of your body that you are self-conscious about, cover it up. I am very self conscious about my arms but for some reason I thought that wearing a cardigan would accentuate them even more. I went with the blue dress that I wore because I thought the pointy sleeves would make my arms look skinny. They did not. I wish I had covered them up.

Don’t wear clothes that wrinkle easily. See the photo I used for my save the date? When I look at it my eyes go straight to the wrinkle in the middle of my dress.


So many wrinkles!

Do take some time to debate style over substance. I knew that we were going to do lots of waking and I decided to wear my very comfortable heels from Easy Spirit shoes. My feet and I are very glad I did, but when I look at some photos I wish I had worn a cute pair of shoes. Perhaps I could have bought a pair of sexy shoes to change into for full body shots.

My boring black shoes

My boring black shoes

I hope that this dos and don’ts list helps those who are planning engagement photos. Don’t let my hasty dress decision be in vain!

I must admit that that I may be over- critical of myself. The first thing that everyone comments on when they see our engagement photos is how much they like my dress and the color. I think my bridal brain is skewing my perspective!

For those who have already taken engagement photos: Did you love or hate what you wore to your engagement photo shoot.


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