I Went a Little Crazy

You’ve heard it time and time again: Wedding planning can make you crazy.

From frabz.com

Image via frabz.com

I thought that would never be me. I would remain cool and calm throughout the wedding process. I would keep my value systems intact and I would remain practical and rational.

Yeah…that didn’t happen. I am ashamed to say that I did get a teensy bit crazy when it came to purchasing my Save- the- Dates (STDs).

As I mentioned before, I went on Etsy and looked for save -the- date templates once we received our engagement photos. Mr. G and I chose two templates- one for the Japanese wedding and one for the American wedding.

Save the Date Template from Etsy Shop: Designs by AdJ

American Save the Date Template from Etsy Shop: Designs by AdJ

Save-the-Template from Etsy Shop: Paper Flowers Designs

Japanese Save-the-Template from Etsy Shop: Paper Flowers Designs

I equally loved both when I purchased them and received the digital proofs, but as time passed I started to dislike the American one for no apparent reason (it is a beautiful and fun design). I would hassle Mr. G every other night.

Me: Do you still like our American Save – the- Dates?
Mr. Gondola: Yes! Wow are you seriously still asking me?

Sigh, I was getting crazy.

I ordered the American STDs on Vistaprint and immediately regretted purchasing them. I sat on the couch and resigned myself to a life where I really didn’t care for the STD’s for my second out of two weddings.


Even Wonka knows I’m being silly. Image via quickmeme.com

The next day I was on Pinterest and I saw the cutest and free STD from Wedding Chicks.

On TV you see the childless couple who looks at a photo of a baby who is awaiting adoption. Tears well up in their eyes and they just know this is the one. They exclaim, “This is our baby!” I felt the same way about the save the dates. I know, I’m crazy.

I immediately went to see if I could cancel my Vistaprint order. Guess what? I could! I wouldn’t get my money back but I would get credit. This didn’t phase me at all as I would order the exact same thing, but with a different picture so the price would be exactly the same. I went on Wedding Chicks and downloaded the STD. I was just about to order it on Vistaprint when the rational side of my brain reminded me that I should probably ask my fiancé.
Later that night I explained to Mr, G that I wasn’t in love I with our STDs and that I found one for free so if we ordered the new ones it would still be the same price.

Mr. G liked the new ones and was on board! I ordered the new ones and felt great after I ordered. Great, but silly.


Our new American Save the Date

Has wedding planning made you a bit crazy? Have you started to care about things you never thought you would?


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