Don’t Mess with the Machines!

Japan is full of machines:vending machines, ticket machines, video arcade machines, and so much more.

I learned a very important lesson the other night. Don’t mess with video arcade machines unless you want to be publicly shamed! I wouldn’t take my chances with any other machines either.

Masa and I had date night a few nights ago. After dinner, we were strolling through the shopping plaza and came across a video arcade. It was pretty late at night and the place was mostly empty so we decided to take a look and see if there were any games that we wanted to play. We ended up finding a scoop game that had our favorite chocolate bar- Black Thunder! Black Thunder is a crunchy delicious chocolate bar that will make you fall in love with it at first bite. We decided to see if we could score some chocolaty goodness.

Oh, Black Thunder, you are so delicious.

Oh, Black Thunder, you are so delicious.

The basic gist of the game is this:

You push one button to lower a crane that scoops candy and push another button to drop the candy on a moving platform. If you’re lucky the candy you drop down will push more candy down into the prize bin.
In my younger days I was pretty awesome at this game, but I was having an off night which probably had something to do with the glasses of wine I had that night. I did not win a single one.

Masa gave it a try and he almost got a ton of candy. All he, or I guess I should say the machine, needed, was a little nudge which I decided to give the machine.


All of a sudden,an alarm starts to blare and the machine starts talking and saying something like “DON’T MOVE THE MACHINE DON’T MOVE THE MACHINE!” in Japanese. Well, Masa and I did what was natural. We started walking away as naturally as possible and made a beeline for the door. Fortunately, no one came looking for us. The place was pretty dead so I guess the arcade staff were just ready to go home and did not care about a bunch of dumb kids (which would be me and Masa).

The lesson of this story is: don’t mess with Japanese video arcade machines. They will yell at you! Who knew a little nudge could cause so much trouble?!


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