DIY Dessert Banner

Mr. G and I are couple of geeks -we both watch anime, read manga, and have in depth conversations about anything from X-Men to Sailor Moon. I wanted to incorporate a bit of that geekiness in to our wedding and I had two ideas:
1. Make a cake topper with my two favorite Archie Comic Characters -Betty and Jughead.
2. Incorporate Mr.G ‘s favorite anime character Justaway.

Justaway from the series Gintama Photo from

Justaway from the series Gintama Image via

I originally thought I could use my favorite characters as a cake topper.

My DIY cake topper inspiration from the

My DIY cake topper inspiration Image via  Photography by Raya Carlisle

My plan was to make the silver cake toppers and just glue a picture of Jughead and Betty on the tallest hearts.

As for Justaway, I thought that I could make a Justaway card box by using lots of Styrofoam and spray paint. I soon found out that making a cylindrical card box would be way above my DIY skills. I scraped the card box idea and spent few weeks thinking of a way I could still incorporate Justaway. In the meantime, I discovered that the people who made our custom couple illustration also made cute cake toppers.

I just had to get these! Photo from

I just had to get these! Image via Etsy Shop Love Birds Goods

I figured that I would not only have to scrap Justaway, but also Betty and Jughead.
But wait! An awesome idea struck me when Mr. G and I started talking about our dessert bar- I could make a dessert banner incorporating Jughead, Betty, and Justaway.


My completed dessert bar banner

This DIY was pretty simple and only took a few hours.
First I started with the hearts. I went to a Japanese dollar store and picked up a bag of assorted foam hearts and silver sticker paper. I cut out squares of sticker paper that would be big enough to cover the entire heart. I then stuck the sticker on the heart and cut any execess paper of with scissors and an exacto knife. When I finished I taped a picture of Betty and Jughead. I later put the hearts on bamboo skewers.

IMG_1388 IMG_1389

I then layered squares of Styrofoam in the jars until it was 4/5 full. The Styrofoam I used was from packing material and I literally broke off chunks that were big enough to put in the vase.


I set the Styrofoam aside and turned those clear jars into glitter jars.

I then started on the banner. I Googled “banner template,” downloaded one that fit my sizing needs, and spelled out desserts. I put Justaway at the bottom of each letter. I then printed them out on card stock and used my hole puncher to punch two holes at the top. I found some twine that I had lying around and strung it through the letters. I started with D and strung all the letters on before cutting the string so I would be sure to have string leftover on both sides.

Lacing the banner letters

Lacing the banner letters

Phew, almost finished. I then started thinking about ways I could anchor the banner to Betty and Jughead’s hearts. I decide to hot glue the top of a loop of string on each heart. This way I could tie and untie the end of the banner string easily which would make it easier to transport.


After that, it was time to put everything all together. I put the Styrofoam into my newly made glitter jars, added white raffia paper on top, and stuck in the hearts.


I then tied the banner on to the loops behind the largest hearts and I was done!


This project was easy but it had lots of steps. I was pretty proud of myself once it was finished. Of course, this is not the classiest dessert banner, but it has me and Mr. G written all over it. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure my mother will hate it. Who cares? If there is going to be any whimsy at a wedding it should be at a dessert bar right?!

How did you incorporate yourself into your wedding?


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