Getting Your Life Back

Wedding planning is time consuming and sometimes, if you choose it to be so,  life-consuming.  It is no surprise that women get post wedding depression after they are married. Heck, I actually got it after my sister was married. Every night my mom, sister, and I would talk about and go over the details of my sister’s wedding for three months. When my sister went on her honeymoon I felt as if there was a big hole in my evenings. The time usually set aside for wedding planning was now sadly free and I had nothing to do.

In May of 2012 Masa told me “I’m going to propose to you by the end of this year.” After that, I was constantly online looking for wedding inspiration. I have a three hour round trip commute and most of that commute was spent on Style Me Pretty, Offbeat Bride, and Emmaline Bride.

After we got engaged in August if 2012 (I seriously expected a December 31st engagement), I added a few more websites to my commute list such as Once Wed. I also started going on Pinterest and pinning dozens of images on my newly created wedding boards.

Screen shot of one of my Pinterest boards

Screen shot of one of my wedding Pinterest boards

That time in planning was immensely fun and time consuming, but time consuming in the good way where time goes by so quickly as  you are having so much fun. The possibilities were endless for my weddings and it was so much fun to look! I then started to get worried about post-wedding depression. What was I going to do when all of the fun of wedding planning was over? I went online to see if there was anything I could do to curb the post- wedding depression. The best advice I read was to not look at the wedding as an ending but as a beginning of a new life with you and your significant other.

As time passed, more aspects of the wedding became confirmed and rather than looking for inspiration, I started actually working on those projects. This was also fun and time consuming in a good way. More time passed and suddenly 6 months before the wedding all of the wedding website surfing and wedding project making became stressful and time consuming in the bad way.

You are so right Ryan Gosling, but I am just so tired.

You are so right Ryan Gosling, but I am just so tired.

Once I got the big things out of the way- the invitation design, purchasing major gifts, and hammering out other major details l- I found myself in another phase: the getting my life back phase. Since May of 2012 to May of 2013 my life had been consumed by the wedding, but slowly and surely things have begun to change. On my commute I no longer look at wedding websites- I watch episodes of Scandal and Fringe on my iPhone.  Instead of working on wedding projects on the weekends I do fun stuff with my girlfriends like horseback riding.


The biggest difference has been my Pinterest page. Before it was filled with wedding pins, but now most of my pins are home or craft related. I am looking forward to all of the sewing projects, crafts, and home decorations that I can start after the wedding.

A screenshot of my most recent pins

A screenshot of my most recent pins

I have been very worried that I will have post bridal depression, but as I slowly start to get my life back I am feeling more confident that it may not happen to me. I see the wedding as the beginning to a new life and I am looking forward to reading more,  not saving money for the wedding, and planning for our future family.

Anyone else going through a “getting your life back phase?” Anyone worried about post bridal depression?


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