Cake Tasting Disaster

As you may already know, I love reading wedding blogs especially weddingbee! I love reading about all of the events that lead up to the wedding – choosing your menu, tirelessly searching for  the perfect shoes, or the absolute fun you have when trying out different wedding cake flavors.

So far I have had fun with the wedding menu and  shoes, but unfortunately I had a pretty bad experience with my wedding cake.

I must admit that I am partially to blame for why the cake tasting (or lack of) went so badly. I never really wanted to have a wedding cake. Spending $1000 dollars on a cake never seemed to make much sense to me, however Mr. G really wanted one and actually looked on the internet for a few with me.

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Our wedding cake inspiration       Image and Photography via

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More wedding cake inspiration     Image via Photography by Marta Locklear


I scheduled an appointment during our spring break vacation in the states at a baker that was recommended by my mother and  very close to her house. Well, I should say that I tried to make an appointment. The person on the phone said I could drop by anytime to choose a cake. I thought this was strange but shrugged it off.  The next day we went to the bakery and found it inexplicably closed. We went during normal open hours but no one was there (this was the first red flag).  The next time we went they were open (yay!). We walked in and were greeted by a very grumpy woman who turned out to be owner. We told her that we called earlier and that we wanted to look at wedding cakes. She handed us a portfolio book with a huff and told us to sit down at the table. We flipped through the book and found a cake we both liked.  We went back to the counter and told the woman what we wanted. She asked us a series of questions – “How big?” ” How many tiers?”  while simultaneously rolling her eyes as we tried to figure it out. When we got to the flavors I perked up thinking we were going to finally sample some cake, but she just began to list flavors. We both paused for a bit and she let out a giant sigh. I was ready to leave the store right then, but it was our last day in the states and this place was our last resort. We decided on the cake flavor, paid our deposit, and left.

I felt pretty horrible afterwards. Mr. G had been really looking forward to having a cake  tasting and due to my disinterest we had a pretty lame time of getting our wedding cake. I learned a couple of rough lessons that day.

Lesson 1: If something is not important to you, but important to your SO, give it the same amount of attention. I am sure that had I been interested in a wedding cake we would have gone to at least three different bakeries and brought my whole family along.

Lesson 2: Call and see if the bakery offers cake tastings, don’t just assume they do.

Lesson 3. Be sure to setup an appointment and avoid places that don’t. While we were answering her questions at the counter the owner of the store was also helping customers. It was awful.

Lesson 4: Don’t wait until the last minute to choose a cake vendor.

I am sad to say that the only silver lining in this story is that my wedding cake is cheap -$97.  I am currently thinking of ways to give Mr. G a cake tasting since he couldn’t have one in March. I may bake a bunch of mini-cakes for him here at our home and he can choose a flavor for his birthday cake, or I may take him to a bakery and order a bunch of different cakes we can each take a few bites of. Either way, I really want to make up for this bad cake tasting.

Did you have any wedding planning event that did not go to plan? Any ideas on how I can make it up to Mr. G?


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