Wedding Bands (not the kind with guitars)

A few week ago Mr. Gondola and I went ring shopping for our wedding bands. I am surprised to say that this, and not choosing our venue, or deciding the menu for our wedding, or even wedding dress shopping made me feel that we were actually getting married. After we decided on the rings, I told Mr. G “We’re really getting married aren’t we?!” Mr. G looked over to me and said “We’ve been ‘getting married’ since August when I proposed to you. ” Sigh, men just don”t understand.

Mr. G and I decided to purchase our rings at Crescent Vert- a company that is subsidiary of a company that he works for. Buying rings at this shop means that Mr. G will get a discount and that we can pay for the rings with monthly payments that are deducted from his salary and bonus. Win!

We entered the store and after a few minutes of conversation the salesclerk took out a selection and we started to try them on. I was initially disappointed that none of the rings looked good with my engagement ring. It took me a few minutes to figure out why.


As you can see from the picture my ring sits very high on my finger due to the shape of the platinum setting. Any wedding band I tried on simply did not sit well  or matched due to the height difference. Anyone, if you are choosing your engagement ring please be aware that this can happen to you if you like rings with high settings- you may not find a well fitting wedding band. I quickly decided that I would wear my engagement ring on my right hand and wear my wedding band on my left had after we were married. After that, it was very easy to choose my wedding band as I did not have to worry about it matching my engagement ring. It took me about 20 minutes to find, debate, and finally decided on a ring. Mr. G, on the other hand, took about 40 minutes!


Mr. G choosing rings

I was so surprised as he is a pretty low maintenance guy, but it really touched me to see that he cared so much about what his wedding band looked like.  In the end he choose a white gold wedding band with two textures.

This is not the actually the ring but it looks something like this.  Photo from

This is not the actually the ring but it looks something like this.
Image via

After we choose the wedding bands we choose to have our wedding date engraved in each one and we were done. We were in and out in about an hour and it was a lovely experience.

I cannot wait to get our rings! I am keeping my wedding band a secret until our wedding day.

Did anyone else have trouble matching their engagement ring and wedding band? Did buying your wedding band actually make you feel like you were getting married or am I just weird?


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