My Pinterest Fail

It has happened- I had my first wedding related Pinterest Fail.

I know how you feel. from

I know how you feel.
Image via

What is a Pinterest Fail? It’s when you see something on Pinterest and say to yourself, “Hey, I could do that!” and then you find out you can’t. You really, super sadly, can’t.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I am a pretty good at crafts and DIY projects. I have always been a craft- loving person and now that I am a preschool teacher, I devote quite a few hours a week to making and planning crafts for my students. It’s quite easy to take that energy and do projects for my home so I figured I would be fine tackling a large number of DIY projects for the wedding, but I knew it would be inevitable that I would fail at something.

How did my DIY fail start? I was looking for table numbers and I fell in love with these wooden, papered -covered table numbers.

Swoon, these are beautiful. from

Swoon, these are beautiful.
Image via / Photography by Ruby Star Photography

Sadly, living in Japan would make this project very costly- I couldn’t find affordable numbers here and it was even difficult to find good scrapbook paper.

One night I was looking through Pinterest and I came across these beauties.



Images via / Photography by Dominique Bader

It would be easier to buy circular wood rather than numbers, and I have painted a bit before so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult. I bought some wooden circles and paint and started to go.


Needless to say, it looks like a 12 year old painted these. I just couldn’t get the paint to flow well and I am assuming my brush tips were too wide. It was impossible for me to get the level of detailing that is seen in the inspiration picture.

I could have gone and bought some expensive paintbrushes or kept practicing, but life is too short! One thing I promised myself when I decided to do lots of DIY projects for the wedding was to not be crying while holding a glue gun at two o’clock in the morning desperately trying to make something work.

Check out 1:55 to see what I mean.

If something wasn’t the way I wanted to look I would scrap it immediately and do something else. I got the confidence to just let go after reading this article early in my engagement:
I am glad that there is support online that let’s us know that every wedding project will not be perfect and that it is okay to move on and do something else.
This is my something else:


This amazing illustration of Mr. Gondola and me is courtesy of the Etsy seller We bought the illustration early in our engagement for various paper goods, and it turns out it’s perfect for table numbers. I’ ll print it out on card stock and set them on table.

I actually ended up liking this better than the floral table numbers. It also took much less time which gave me more time to drink wine and see what Blair Waldorf is wearing on Gossip Girl.

Do you feel that you have to finish a project once you start? Are there any projects that you are struggled with and just let go?


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