Wedding Checklists

Lately, I’ve been waking up in the morning and the first thing I think of is my checklist of things to do for the day.  Besides work, most of my day has been devoted to getting things done on my wedding checklists. I’ve been fondly remembering the good old days when I would just think about what drink I was going to have at the end of the day.


Aaah, the good ole days when I could just relax and not have my checklists looming over me.

No matter how big or small your wedding may be, planning a wedding means having a checklist. It can be one you make yourself, a ready -made checklist such as one from The Knot or Wedding Wire, or a list your wedding planner gives you.

I am using multiple checklists- I’m using The Knot checklist for the American wedding and the Wedding Wire checklist for the Japanese wedding. To me, the Wedding Wire checklist is more streamlined and only focuses on the major details and since my Japanese wedding has less planning involved the Wedding Wire checklist is perfect. The American wedding involves a lot more planning so The Knot is better suited for it . I am also using a checklist my day-of-coordinator gave me so she can keep track of what I am up to.

Both The Knot and Wedding Wire checklists have ways you can add and take off tasks from their lists so you can tailor it to your needs. For example, I added the task “Make reserved signs for the ceremony.”  (This way random people don’t sit in my families’ front row seats- this happened at my sister’s wedding). I also took these tasks off the checklists:

  • Let the police know you are going away on your honeymoon so they can patrol your neighborhood (Umm, does anyone actually do that?!)
  • Get in wedding day shape (I like my body just the way it is, thank you very much)
  • Set up an appointment at a tanning salon (Errr, no thank you)

All three of my checklist have lots of overlaps like “Book DJ” or ‘Buy invitations,” but I love checking off one thing over and over on all my lists. My brain gets a rush every time I check something off!

I’m also using a very easy to use checklist app called Errands where I input all of my DIY tasks that I need to finish for both weddings. I also use the Reminders app on my phone for the tasks that I want to focus on that week.

Errands from

The Errands App Image via

Screen shot of my Reminders app

As the weddings get closer it seems as if my life is getting ruled by all of my checklists. I have a love/hate relationship with my checklists right now. I love checking tasks off, but I hate feeling like my lists aren’t getting any shorter no matter how many things I check off. I’m anxious to to finish everything as early as possible so I won’t be too stressed in the final weeks leading up to the weddings.

Don’t worry, my life isn’t completely taken over by the checklists and I am making time for things that count- like date night with Mr. Gondola.

At dinner- wearing my engagement photo dress which I am slowly learning to like again.

At dinner- wearing my engagement photo dress which I am slowly learning to like again.

What lists are you using to plan your wedding? Do you prefer The Knot or Wedding Wire checklist ?


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