My DIY Flower Arrangements

I got another big wedding task out of the way- a mock up for my flower arrangements for my Japanese wedding. After my Pinterest fail, I felt pretty scared to jump into another project, but I had a deadline with my wedding coordinator so I knew I couldn’t put it off. Now I don’t know anything about flower arranging.  I usually pick up a few flowers from the corner store and throw them in a vase, but I had seen so many tutorials online that I felt that I might actually be alright.

The reason I had to make a mock up was because I didn’t like any of the centerpiece options offered at my wedding venue.  I figured I could make something simple that would be really different from what our Japanese guest were use to. The wedding coordinator asked me to make a mock up so he could show it to the florist to make sure everything was okay. I’m pretty sure that he wanted me to make a mock up to make sure I was up to the task. Well, I was!

Here was my initial inspiration:

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Teapots, gold, wildflowers, and jars. Sources from left to right, Image via Photography by Honey Honey Photography, Image via Photography by Katie Farrell, Image via Photography by Kari Herer, Image via Photography by Katie Farrell

Here is what I came up with:

my flower arrangement

I think I came very close to my inspiration!

I first started creating my flower arrangements by collecting enough teapots, jars, and small vases for eight tables.

I got these jars from a Japanese dollar store

I got these jars from a Japanese dollar store

One of my adorable teapots I got at a 300 yen store.

One of my adorable teapots I got at a 300 yen store.

IMG_1520 IMG_1647.

My hand decorated jars: Left side was with glitter, rightside was with gold paint

I then went on to choosing and arranging the flowers for the sample arrangement. This article was extremely helpful:

The best tip in the article is to get large, branchy, spreading flowers. You definitely get more bang for you buck if you do. Branchier flowers take up so much space you just need a few to make an impact. I ended up getting some hypericum berries (the pink berry-like flowers). I got a giant stalk for about 250 yen ($ 2.50.)  That one stalk was enough for 2 tables!  I also got 3 stalks of a  wide -blooming yellow flower (sorry, I don”t know the name) for about 500 yen ($5.oo.).

I also got a few long leafy green branches as well as a few “attention grabber” flowers- the orchids, roses, and an orange fuzzy flower. I was very random when picking the flowers and mostly went on color and appearance. I bought enough flowers for two tables and it all came out to about 2500 yen ($25.00).

I went home and followed the directions from the website. I pulled leaves off, trimmed them to appropriate length for the vases and arranged them as best I could. It took me about 20 minutes to get everything done.

I came up with these two versions.

IMG_1604 - Copy IMG_1608

I definitely like the one on the right the best.  The one on the left seemed off -balance to me, so I replaced the tall clear vase in the back with a smaller jar to help with balance.


I like this version much better with all the jars being the same general height so I plan to get rid of the tall vases and use vases that are all the same height.

It pains me to say this, but I think my glitter jars are the wrong size too. I think they are a bit too wide and don’t balance well with the other jars.  I initial planned to have 4 tables with teapots and 4 tables with glitter jars, but I may get rid of the glitter jars and replace them with teapots.  Ugh, I hate the idea of getting rid of the glitter jars. Hopefully, I can find another use for them.

I snapped a few pictures of the flowers and had a meeting with the wedding coordinator a few days later.  He seemed to like them and said he doubted they would be a problem with the florist.

I am glad to say this project turned out well and wasn’t that difficult! Have you ever had a project you weren’t sure was going to turn out well and it came out fine on the first try? What should I do with my glitter jars?

In case you were wondering, I decorated the house with all of the flowers from the sample arrangement once I was done. There are flowers in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink, and even at the entrance of our house. I love it!


Here is a photo of one of the flower arrangements in the entrance of the house. It is sitting next to a caricature of Mr. G and me that my friends got me for my birthday. I love walking into our house and seeing the caricature and the flowers!


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