Konnichiwa Everyone!

Hello, I’m Miss Gondola and I am so happy to “bee” here! I have been reading Weddingbee for more than two years and can’t believe that I’m now a blogger. I got the acceptance email from Mouse early in the morning and I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I’m so excited!

So who are the Gondolas? We are two Americans who met, fell in love, and live in Japan.


Mr. Gondola is a San Diego born, fun loving, laid back guy, who loves to cook (and often dances while he does). He works for a large manufacturing company and has lived in Japan for about seven years.

Back Camera

I am a Miami born, list making, craft loving, wine drinking girl who works as a preschool teacher at an international school here in Japan. I’ve lived in Japan for ten years, but I go back to the states to visit as often as I can.


Mr. Gondola and I met six years ago in Osaka and immediately clicked. We both love to travel,

Road Trip!

Road Trip!

eat out at restaurants,

photo 2 (14)

and basically be silly.


We are planning two weddings- one in Kyoto, Japan, and one in my hometown of Ft. Lauderdale.  Planning two weddings has been  a bit daunting and hectic, but we’ve had lots of fun planning so far!

Why the Gondolas? Mr. Gondola and I will be honeymooning in Italy so how perfect is the gondola icon for us?!  We’ve been planning on doing a gondola ride while in Venice ever since we decided to go to Italy and I cannot wait to get a picture of the Gondolas in a gondola!

I can’t wait to share all of my details and wedding planning adventures with everyone in the hive!


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