Styling Your Wedding

One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is choosing how you will style it. Some brides go with a themes such as “nautical” or “vintage” (both are so gorgeous!), or some choose a color scheme like “navy or yellow.” When it came to my weddings, I decided to go about planning it by choosing a theme, motif, and font. Choosing what I wanted in those three areas really aided me in creating a distinct style for each of my weddings. It also helped me keep everything organized and on track when designing the two.


I first considered what sort of “feel”I wanted for the weddings. I decided that I wanted the Japanese wedding to feel very American and give our guests something they may have never seen before. I decided to go for an American/country feel and I thought that garden- chic would be a great way to express it.

Image via by Arielle Doneson Photography

Beautiful Garden Chic Inspiration Image via by Arielle Doneson Photography

I still wanted florals for the American wedding but I wanted it to be a bit more modern and fresh with lots of white. I’ve been calling the American wedding “fresh, modern, and floral.” I’m still not a hundred percent sure what it means, and my mother rolls her eyes every time I say it, buy hey I’m the bride and I can do no wrong!


One day I was reading through a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and I stumbled upon a great piece advice: “Find a motif that you can use throughout your wedding so the theme stays cohesive.”

I went on istockphoto and found a beautiful flower motif that had lots of colors and flowers and purchased it. I have been using this motif on all of my invites, place cards, and informational signs for the Japanese wedding.

Sorry for the words! I want to protect the image

Sorry for the words! I want to protect the image

I found the motif for my American wedding on Etsy. There is a shop called Love Birds Goods that does custom illustrations. I will be using this motif for invites, signs, and other paper goods.

Once again, sorry for the words.

Once again, sorry for the words!

This illustration is so cute that I will also be using it for a few things in the Japanese wedding as well!


I also thought it would it be a good idea to have two separate fonts for the weddings. The Japanese wedding is floral and whimsical so I choose Honey Script, Adobe Garamond Pro Bold, and the Japanese Meiryo Unicode.


The American wedding is more modern so I choose London MM and Caviar Dreams.

font 2

To be honest, when we first decided to have two weddings, I was leaning toward having them look the same as that would be so much easier, but I realized that I had a very special chance to have two separate and distinct weddings. It definitely has been more work, but it has also been lots of fun.

How did you go about designing and styling your wedding? Did it take you forever to choose a font? I know I did!


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