Sayonara Tan Lines

Japanese summers are extremely hot with lots of bright and penetrating sunshine. It is common to see women walking around town with parasols to beat the heat and avoid sun damage. I’ve never really been too concerned about sun damage since I have darker skin. I usually just lather on sunblock and go about my day. That is, until I bought a strapless wedding gown.

I’m a preschool teacher and this means that I spend a considerable amount of time outside. Even with sunblock, I always end up getting a farmer’s tan- a tan that covers only my arms and neck- toward the middle of the summer (it usually fades away by mid-autumn). I never really cared much about it because its so slight, but my wedding dress prominently displays my arms and neck and I am stressing about having my tan lines show up in my wedding photos

Hive, I’ve taken extreme measures. Besides sunblock I have started to wear “sun sleeves.” I’ve never really seen these in the states, but many women use them in Japan, and probably in Asia.

Image via

Sun Sleeves Image via

They are basically pull- on sleeves that cover your arms when you are wearing a short sleeve shirt. I always thought these looked kind of silly, but the tables have turned and I wear them every day when I go outside with my kids.

Rocking some sleeves at work

Rocking some sleeves at work

I even wear them when I go out on the weekends.


I’m hoping that a combination and sunblock and sun sleeves will prevent me from getting tan lines so I can look stunning on my wedding day.

What are you doing to prevent tan lines on your wedding day? Is anyone taking extreme measures?


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