Double Digits!

Hive, I am officially in the double digits for days left until both my weddings! The double digit phase has been lots of fun.

I’ve had the second of three food tastings at my Kyoto venue.

From Left to right clockwise: Edamame soup with shrimp, roe,and sea urchin; lobster with balsamic vinegarette; steak with foie gras, strawberry tart- all were delicious!!

From Left to right clockwise: Edamame soup with shrimp, roe,and sea urchin; lobster with balsamic vinegarette; steak with foie gras, strawberry tart- all were delicious!!

I’ve also finished making some bathroom baskets.


Contents include body spray, band-aids, mouthwash, mints, hair pins, facial oil paper, Q-tips, hair ties, lint rollers, and lotion.

The double digit stage has been pretty awesome, but my double digit stage has also turned into my “Who cares? No one’s going to notice!” phase.

When I first started wedding planning I had big dreams. I was going to make 100 origami cranes, I was going to make dozens of tissue paper flowers to line the staircase to my venue.  My mother would hear me go on and on about all of my projects and would shake her head and say “No one’s going to notice if it’s there or not or of it’s handmade or not.” I ignored her and went full speed ahead on many of my projects.  I had so much fun looking for inspiration and making projects for the wedding. As a DIY lover, it has been a very happy and creative time for me.   Unfortunately, I still have a few projects on my list and I seriously doubt I will get around to doing them. Why? Because every time I start a project I hear my mother say “Who cares, no one’s going to notice.” and then I pour myself a glass of wine and watch an episode of Gossip Girl.

Blair Waldorf, you were a stunning bride.

Blair Waldorf,  I want your tiara.

I’m not sure if this way of thinking is just a lazy cop -out because I’m burned out or if I’m actually being realistic. I think people would notice if I had lots tissue paper flowers lining a staircase, but would anyone really care or remember? Is it worth all of the effort to make 100 origami cranes? I don’t know. Too be honest, until I got engaged I never really noticed the small details of a wedding. I’m starting to realize that I should only focus on the small details and items that I truly want and not focus on the projects that would just be there to show off to the guests. When I look at my wedding photos I don’t want to look at the 100 origami cranes I slaved over and have a bad memory of tirelessly folding paper come to mind. I would rather look at a photo of one of my DIY projects that I had a fun time making, and of course happy pictures of me and Mr. G (and the me in those photos not being stressed out due to last minute projects).

What have I learned from this “Who cares? No one will notice!” phase?  Depending on the length of your planning, get all of your big, important DIY projects done before you get into your double digit phase. If you’re like me, you will either be burned out or too excited about the upcoming wedding to focus on a last few projects.

Anyone else suffering from burnout? How are you getting through it?

Should I buckle down and finish my last few projects or drink some wine?


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