Wedding Day Make-Up: Mineral vs Liquid

A couple of weeks ago I had my makeup trial for my Japanese wedding with my make-up artist Okami.  My make-up artist and I go way back. In my younger days I would sometimes model for an artist and she was the make-up artist for most of the shoots.

She always has done a good job of making me looking fresh-faced.

She always has done a good job of making me looking fresh-faced. Personal photo by Triplet Studio

In the photo above I’m wearing Mac Liquid foundation which use to be my everyday foundation. The coverage was great,  but it always came off on my hands and stained napkins, my cellphone, even some of my clothes. I got tired of leaving a trail of make-up -stained items everywhere and spoke with a friend who recommended mineral makeup.  That recommendation started my love affair with mineral make-up. It doesn’t come off and the coverage is great!

My current brand of Mineral Foundation. Image via Meow Cosmetics

My current brand of Mineral Foundation. Image via Meow Cosmetics

I went to my make-up trial with my mineral make-up to use as my foundation (I always have to bring my own make-up because Japanese stores don’t sell my shade of foundation). I wanted the same look in the picture above for my Japanese wedding: fresh, light and natural.



Pardon the stretched out eye, but this is the best photo of the makeup application

My make-up artist did her usual wonderful job and it looks nice, but I feel that it’s lacking in some way. It just doesn’t feel like it’s wedding day make- up; it looks like my everyday make-up.  Now I did say that I wanted to look natural and that’s what I got, but  I realized what I really wanted my make-up to look like was more “polished” and “dewy” and I think liquid foundation might be better for that than mineral make-up.

I started to debate if I should go back to liquid foundation, but I’m worried about staining my dress. Also, when I get excited I sweat and a sweaty face covered in liquid foundation is a bit scary.  I’ve done some research, and I’ve decided to try a foundation primer with my mineral make-up in the hope that it will give the mineral make-up a better finish. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to try a “make-up sealing spray” that I found at a Japanese cosmetic store that I will use with liquid foundation.  The sealing spray is a spray you put on after you finish your make-up. It supposedly “locks- in” your make-up. (Is something like that commonly sold in the States?) I will test these two methods out before the wedding and I’m hoping that the mineral make-up /primer combo will work. I wish airbrushing was an option in Japan, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Has anyone used mineral makeup on their wedding day? Did it hold up well?


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