Japanese weddings don’t have dancing and therefore don’t have DJs. It’s up to the bride and groom to choose the background music (BGM) for the entire evening and for special moments like toasts, speeches, and events like the cake cutting and the bouquet toss. I was looking forward to choosing the BGM. I love J-Pop and had tons of good ideas for upbeat songs for the reception. Unfortunately, Mr. G hates J-Pop and insisted that we only have English music at the reception. I relented, agreeing that we wanted to make the Japanese wedding as American as possible so our guests could get a special experience.

Hive, choosing two hours of BGM is hard. The Internet is full of suggestions, actually it’s too full of suggestions. There are so many great songs too choose from its overwhelming. The Knot and Wedding Wire are very helpful with their lists, but I found that looking at other couple’s wedding playlists was an easy way to go about it. People’s playlists show their personalities- some are upbeat, some are indie rock, and some are country so its easy to see if a playlist has what you want. I enlisted the help of my already married friends and looked through their playlists.

I spent a weekend combing through music suggestions and compiled a playlist of upbeat and romantic music, but it was still about 40 minutes too short. I made Mr. G finish finding the rest of the BGM under the threat that I would not only add J-Pop, but K-Pop to the playlist as well. Mr. G added a few more songs, some of which are questionable. For example, he added the theme from the 90’s X-Men cartoon- it’s not very romantic, but I did love that cartoon when I was kid. He also included “Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai. It’s not a very wedding-y song, but at least its upbeat. He also included “500 Miles” because we love that episode from How I Met Your Mother.

music music2

Our playlist is mostly upbeat and romantic, with a few slower songs from Mr. G. I think its a good representation of us as a couple.

A few songs we didn’t include but will be played are:
“It’s Raining Men” for the bouquet toss

“Mission Impossible” for the garter toss (by the way garter tosses aren’t done in Japan. I have a feeling all the men will be mortified at the idea)

“Loving You” by Minnie Riperton for the BGM for the speeches.

Any brides choosing their own BGM for their wedding? What songs did you choose? How did you go about choosing it?


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