My engage- a-versary is soon approaching! One year ago Mr. Gondola got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

My Ring

My Ring!

Our proposal story started when Mr. G and I decided to visit his hometown for summer vacation. He is from San Diego, but his sister lives in Temecula and we decided to mostly stay at her place while we were in California. His sister mentioned that there were quite a few good wineries in the Temecula region. As you may already know, I love wine so I was excited when Mr. G suggested we stay overnight at a winery. We decided to stay at South Coast Winery. Mr. G was suspiciously very excited about the winery trip which surprised me as he doesn’t even like wine, but I just brushed it off as him being excited to go to California.

We headed to California in mid-August and had a great time. Toward the middle of the week we headed to the South Coast Winery. The place beautiful with vines and flowers everywhere!

One of the beautiful gazebos where Mr. G proposed.

One of the beautiful gazebos where Mr. G proposed.

We checked- in and headed to our villa. When I opened the door there were rose petals all over the room and a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting. The thought flickered in my mind that Mr. G was going to propose, but I pushed it out of my head. Mr. G and I had talked about marriage and he said he was going to propose in 2012, but with his sense of humor I was pretty sure he was going propose on New Year’s Eve at 11:59 and 30 seconds. Every time he did something romantic I would get my hopes up, but quickly squash then down. I never wanted to get my hopes up and then feel sad afterwards because it didn’t happen.

DSCF0899 DSCF0900

Mr. G showing off the strawberries and champagne.

Later that night we went out to dinner. Now I have to make a disclaimer here (this may be TMI, sorry): I had gained about 10 pounds in the past year and unknowingly packed a dress that didn’t fit me so well. When I went to put on the dress (the only one in my suitcase) I could barely zip it up. The only way that I could zip it up was by pushing my boobs way up high which made them look enormous. Of course, Mr. G proposed on that night and now all of my proposal photos have me looking like I had a boob job. Seriously, people have seen the pictures, congratulated me on my engagement, and then asked me if I had a boob job. How am I going to show these to my grandchildren?!

At dinner, hours before the proposal.

At dinner, hours before the proposal.

Anyhow, we had a wonderful dinner. Afterwards, Mr. G suggested that we take a walk to a beautiful vine covered gazebo. Another couple was on the other side of the gazebo, but it was quite large and we really didn’t notice them. I started talking about the view and how wonderful everything was when Mr. G suddenly cut me off. He took both my hands, said he wanted to ask me something, and got down on one knee and said “The past few months living together have been amazing. I want it to last forever. Will you marry me?” He then opened the ring box and … I don’t remember what happened next because I kind of freaked out.  Here is Mr. G’s account:

She started screaming “What? What? Oh my god! Oh my god!” Then she started crying. Then she started laughing hysterically. After that, she stared at the ring for a while. Then she said “Oh my god!”  a couple more times. After that she said “No, no, I need to remember this. Propose to me one more time from the beginning!” And then I proposed again and she finally said yes.

Yes hive, I made him propose twice since I didn’t remember the first time very well. I really wanted to have a clear memory of my engagement and I stand behind my decision! We started hugging and the other couple in the gazebo came over to us and offered to take our picture. They then told us that when Mr. G got down on one knee they started taking photos so I have actual footage of the proposal. Before we became engaged I heard about a trend where proposers hire someone to video or photograph a proposal. I always wanted that and I was so lucky to get it by chance.

Me freaking out during the proposal

Me freaking out during the proposal

Mr. G and I noticing that someone is photographing us.

Mr. G and I noticing that someone is photographing us.

Immediately after the proposal.

Immediately after the proposal. Pardon all of the cleavage.

Of course I said yes and we returned back to our villa where Mr. G had me call my family who all knew that Mr.G was going to propose that night. Afterwards, Mr. G very excitedly changed his Facebook status to engaged and I did the same.  The rest of the week I spent in happy newly engaged bliss.

I become so happy when I ever I think of my proposal. Mr. G did a wonderful job. There was a romantic view, lots of wine, and a gorgeous ring. I’m also glad that I never got my hopes up so I could be genuinely surprised when it actually did happen.  Waiting for a proposal is hard emotionally. For me it was a constant tug- of –war between getting my hopes up and then squashing them down so I wouldn’t be disappointed every time Mr. G did something romantic. I sometimes still get the same feeling of hopefulness and restraint whenever Mr. G does something romantic even though we have been engaged for a year. After a few seconds, I remember that I’m already engaged and the feeling goes away.

So hive, is there anyone out there who had to keep their proposal expectations down while they waited for their proposal? How was it when you finally did get your proposal? Did anyone freak out like me?


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