Mr. Gondola Shares His Story

Mr. G has been a pretty great fiance. He planned an amazing proposal and has pretty helpful during the wedding planning process.  When people ask about our proposal story or about wedding planning, Mr. G is surprisingly vocal so I thought I would hand over the reigns and let Mr. G share his side of his story hear with the hive.

Hello I’m the lucky man who gets to marry Ms. Gondola, Mr. Gondola. From the proposal to all of the wedding planning that has occurred, life has been fun and exciting for the past year. In case you were interested, here is a guy’s prospective on all things wedding so far: getting the ring, planning the proposal, and helping with the wedding planning.  

Choosing the ring was kind of an easy process. We had previously talked about getting engaged so I knew she wanted a conflict-free diamond for her engagement ring. My sister had gotten a conflict -free diamond for her engagement ring a few months back so I decided to call her and ask where she had gotten hers. The place, Joseph Schubach, luckily had an online store. I choose a three-stoned ring because I thought Ms. G would like it and I thought it would look good on her. After finally choosing the ring, I wired my sister the money and had the ring sent to her house so I could propose on our trip to California. Ms. Gondola LOVES wine; so I decided to make a reservation at a winery for a night near my sister’s house where we were staying. I thought it would be a great to incorporate what she loves to drink while I professed my love to her.

Before I proposed I decided to ask Ms. Gondola’s father and mother for their blessing. This was going to be tricky. One, we live in Japan so there is a 14 hour time difference. Two, we share a computer so had to get in contact with Ms. Gondola’s father (from here on out I’ll call him Gondola Sr.) via Skype when she wasn’t around. I worked out a time when Ms. G had a doctor’s appointment. On the day of I was nervous and as the time came closer and closer I started to sweat out of my palms. Then, the sound of an incoming call on Skype rang. I answered and there was Gondola Sr. dressed in a tuxedo. My first reaction was “Kinda over-kill don’t ya think?” and immediately followed by “Oh crap! Was I supposed to wear a tuxedo too?” Gondola Sr. explained he was in Las Vegas to accept an award for accomplished financial planners. Slightly relieved I explained that I wanted to take Ms. Gondola’s hand in marriage. Gondola Sr. said he appreciated that I took the time to ask him and that he gave us his blessing. “YES!!!!!” After that I constantly had Beyonce’s song in my head “If you liked it then ya shoulda put a ring on it…”Every time answering with “I WILL put a ring on it.”

On the night of the proposal I put the ring in the right chest pocket of my sports coat. The whole time I tried to keep to her right so she wouldn’t feel the ring in my pocket just in case she brushed up against it. She has a tendency to hold my right hand so it was hard to always swerve around to the other side whenever she reached to hold my hand. After dinner, we went for a walk and as if god had answered my prayers we come across a quaint little gazebo. I suggested we stop by and enjoy the night sky. After a little chit-chat I dropped to one knee and then said this speech I had prepared in my head. During the actual proposal I was really nervous. You’ve all read what happened afterward with Ms. G’s freak out. It was interesting to be there, even more to be the one that caused it.

The day after the proposal

The day after the proposal

It’s been a year since our engagement and our weddings are coming up in a few months. The whole process hasn’t been too stressful for me. My job has been choosing the food and taking care of the honeymoon. I have no knowledge of color palettes or flowers or anything like that. I leave that all to Ms. Gondola and I rub her back when she’s tired and pour her some wine when she’s thirsty.  I’m grateful that she lets me know what tasks she wants me to do ahead of time. I am also glad that she gives me options. If I have any advice for brides dealing with their fiancés, it would be don’t demand things. Ask for help when needed and just understand that most men don’t envision aspects of the wedding as vividly as women do. It would be best if you just give him a task to do and thank him after he’s done. Also starting things early is a really good idea so neither of you is stressed when it gets down to crunch time.

How did your fiance go about picking out the ring? Did anyone’s fiance ask their parents for their hand in marriage? Personally, I was a little miffed that Mr. G asked my father as I am an independent woman and not my father’s property,  but Mr. G felt very strongly about this and said it showed respect.

Is your fiance vocal when people ask about your proposal story?


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