Japanese Invites: Part 1

The invites for the Japanese wedding are finally complete! As Mr. G and I were stuffing the envelopes I went through a cycle of thinking “These are adorable! I wish I could see the look on everyone’s faces when they open them up.” to “What was I thinking? These are awful. People are going to remember my invitations for being ugly.” to “These are adorable!” again. I’ve finally decided that I definitely like them and I’m hoping our guest will as well.

As I mentioned in a  previous post, DIYing your invites in Japan is unheard of as most brides get their invites from their venue. When Mr. G and I toured wedding venues we got a look at their invites and none of them were very “us.” Japanese invites are either very formal or very feminine with very little variation in between.

I decided to design my own invites for two reasons. One, I wanted to save money as Japanese invites are about 2 to 3 dollars apiece. Two, I wanted to make our invites as American as possible and give our guests something they had never seen before. I first started by going on iStockphoto and looked for a floral design that fit our theme and color palette. I was able to find a design that was very floral, but didn’t fit our color palette.

The motif we decided upon

The motif I instantly fell in love with.

I kept looking for other motifs that would fit our color palette to no avail. In the end, I decided that I would change our color palate to match the design and went ahead and purchased the image.

As I said before, Japanese invites are very formal and the language used for invitations is extremely formal. I knew that neither my Japanese nor Mr. G’s Japanese would be able to correctly convey the level of formality needed for our invitations so we decided to write part of it in English. Japanese designers and artists put English on anything to make it look “cool” and “exotic”- even when the English doesn’t make sense.

Image via

Image via engrish.com

Image via

Image via engrish.com

We figured that our guests would enjoy seeing English on the invitation and that it would make it very “American” and prepare our guests for the American styled reception.  I googled “invitation wording” and found the quote ”Today I Marry My Best Friend, The One I Laugh With, Live For, Dream With, Love.” which I liked very much. I wrote that and then added  essential information such as date and time in Japanese and voila! Our main invitations were complete. I uploaded the design to Vistaprint and had them printed and shipped to my home.

Our completed invitation

In my next post I will go over the other paper goods that went with the invitation.

How did you go about making your invitations? How did you figure out the wording?


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