My Big Ol’ Wide Feet

Sometimes living in Japan really sucks.

Why, you ask? Because I do my best to love my body, but living in Japan has made me wish that there was a certain part of my body that was a little smaller– my feet. I’m a size 10- Wide and Japanese shoe stores don’t usually sell anything over a size 7 (maybe an 8 if you’re lucky). This means that I can’t buy shoes (except men’s athletic shoes) which is awful because Japan has some seriously cute shoes.


A selection of adorable Japanese shoes

As I said before, I’m a 10- Wide, which limits the places where I can buy shoes even in America. I usually buy shoes online from Easy Spirit or Zappos, both of which have a big wide- shoe selection. Of course buying shoes online has its downfalls and there is a chance they may not fit well or the quality isn’t up to par. I usually end up reselling a few of the shoes I buy online that don’t fit to drag queens here in Japan.

Yes, this lucky guy gets a few of my shoes.

One of the lucky guys who gets a few of my shoes.

When it came to planning my wedding I was very nervous about buying shoes. I knew I would never be able to get some of the gorgeous wedding shoes that I had been drooling over unless I wanted to be in intense pain throughout my weddings.

Image via

So elegant! Image via

Image via Photography by Lukas VanDyke Photography Event by Orange Blossom Special Events

I want these shoes so badly! Image via Photography by Lukas VanDyke Photography Event by Orange Blossom Special Events

I went on Zappos and browsed through a few pairs of shoes. Like Mrs. Lyre, I noticed the shoe selection for wide shoes is not that great. I decided that I could always wear a pair of old shoes that wouldn’t be seen under the skirt of my dress if I couldn’t find anything worth buying. This idea was practical, but a bit sad because I really didn’t want to hide my wedding shoes, but flaunt them. Luckily, I found a pair that I liked: the Bouquets Mona in royal blue. (They aren’t in stock at Zappos anymore, but you can find them here.). I crossed my fingers and hoped they would fit.


Image via

They arrived at my home and wow! These are seriously one of the most comfortable pairs of dress shoes I have ever worn. They are a truly wide shoe with a comfortable heel. They could also be my something blue for my weddings. I wasn’t going to be reselling these!
Most brides and/or grooms face a few hurdles when planning their wedding- your budget restricts you from getting the flowers you want or the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of gets discontinued or you’re like me and thought your shoe size would stop you from having comfortable and stylish wedding shoes.  I’m glad to know that there are ways you can get what you want if you do a little research and take a chance.
Are there any hurdles you faced in your wedding planning, but it all worked out in the end?
Are there any brides with wide feet? Where did you buy your wedding shoes?


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