Kickin’ It Up a Notch

If someone were to ask me “What’s your fashion style?” I would probably say “Sparkly and sexy.” I like big earring, lots of sparkle, and a v-neck top has never done me wrong.  When it came to choosing my wedding jewelry, however, I went for understated and simple because I thought that it looked more “bridal.” I don’t know how I got to this conclusion, but I think I had become influenced by pictures of what I found in wedding magazines rather than focus on my own personal style.

This weekend, while Mr. G wasn’t at home, I tried on my wedding dress and all of my accessories. Why? Because I love trying on my wedding dress and looking at myself in the mirror (Do any other brides do this or am I just obsessed?) My dress was just as beautiful as the day I tried it on, but I felt that something just wasn’t right- it was the wedding jewelry, or lack of. I had decided to not where a necklace and leave the focus on my sweetheart neckline. I thought the simple styling would make me look “young” and “fresh.”

Looking in the mirror this weekend, I realized that I had made a bad decision. i just looked plain and not at all like the sparkly jewelry -wearing girl that I am.  I really needed to add some bling to my attire! I still wanted to look bridal, but I also wanted to look like myself. I started looking online for crystal statement necklaces that I thought would add a nice “wow” factor to my wedding attire and compliment my neckline. I narrowed it down to three options.

option 1

I love how bright and shiny this necklace is. Photo from Etsy Shop BijouxandCouture

option 3

I love the elegance of this one. Photo from Etsy Shop Emilygaojewelry



This is so modern! I love it! Photo from Etsy Shop Emilygaojewelry

Hive, what do you think? Should I go for a big statement necklace?

I’m hoping that a statement necklace will be a good compromise between a bridal look and “me.” Are there any brides out there who were able to find a happy medium between looking bridal and keeping their own personal sense of style?


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