Say Peace

Living in a different country changes you. Not only in the way that you become more accepting of the unexpected, but even your mannerisms and tone of voice can change. Living in Japan has changed me in many ways, big and small. Sometimes the change is funny, like when it takes me about a week to stop bowing at people whenever I visit the States.  Some of my habits, however, are embarrassing and there is one particularly embarrassing habit that I don’t want to do on my wedding day- peace signs.

In Japan, throwing up a peace sign is the equivalent to smiling when taking a photo. Men, women, children- everybody does it. When I was in university in Japan I would laugh at my classmates who did, what I thought, was a juvenile gesture, but somehow I started throwing up peace signs and it went from being ironic to the norm.

My many peace signs

My many peace signs

I throw up peace signs all the time time now. If I see a camera, it’s like a reflex I can’t control and I’m terrified that whenever I see a camera on my wedding day I will reflexively put up a peace sign. A few peace signs for old times sake is fine, but a wedding album filled with them? No way! I want to look as classy as possible in my wedding photos since these will probably be some of the best photos I will ever take in my life.  I have enlisted the help of my mother and sister to stop me from doing any peace signs during the day of the wedding. My sister even has the authority to smack my hands down if I do one.

Are there any annoying habits that you are going to stop yourself from doing in your wedding photos?


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