American Invites Revealed

Sometimes things just don’t go the way you want them when wedding planning.  I thought if I started tasks early I would be ahead of the game, but when it came to my invitations for the American wedding I got thrown for a loop. Fortunately, everything worked out in the end and I am able to share my invitations for the American wedding.

I started looking at invitations early in our engagement and found the perfect suite on Etsy.

Photo from Etsy Shop My Dear Paperie

Image via Etsy Shop My Dear Paperie

I immediately fell in love with these invitations. They were modern, fresh, and reminded me of the gazebo where Mr. G proposed.

When it came time to order the invitations I was saddened to see that the shop was closed for the summer. I wouldn’t be able to wait until the shop reopened so I started looking online for other invitation suites, but nothing really caught my eye.  I considered making my own version for a while, but it didn’t have the same striking quality as the one from the shop.

The attempted copycat invite

The attempted copycat invite

I started to get frustrated. I never thought that I would care so much about invitations. My thoughts about invitations had always been “Who cares?! They’re just going to get thrown in the trash anyway.” That all changed once I started looking for invitations. I began to understand the notion that invitations set the tone for your wedding.  I really wanted our guests to smile when they opened the invitations and be impressed, but the pressure to find great invitations got too much for me. I put invitations on the back burner for a while and hoped I would get lucky and stumble upon something.

One day I was playing around with making a few thank you cards with our custom illustration when inspiration struck. Why don’t I just use our custom illustration for our invitations? It would tie in with all of the other paper goods such as our thank you cards and reception signs, and they would be very simple to make, but have lots of impact. I also thought that the illustration would be a good way to introduce ourselves to the third of our guests who have never met me and Mr. G before. Yes, my mother has invited people to the wedding I’ve never met before.

The Gondola invite for the American Wedding

The Gondola invite for the American Wedding


The Gondola RSVP card

I’m very happy with the invites. All of our paper goods now match and they are very uniquely “the Gondolas.” I just hope our guest don’t think we are a couple of narcissists with our faces all over the place at our wedding.

Was there anything that went wrong when planning your invitations? Did anyone feel pressured to find the “perfect” invitation for their wedding?


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