No Strippers For Me

Strippers kind of creep me out, but I always wanted to have a booze fueled, penis memorabilia filled, girls-night-out bachelorette party with a surprise appearance of a stripper. Sadly, I will not be having a stripper at my bachelorette party because I won’t be having a bachelorette party at all.  Engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties are none existent in Japan. We also won’t be in America long enough to have any sort of party besides the wedding so we will be skipping all of the pre- wedding party traditions. I consider myself very lucky to have two weddings, but I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when I see awesome bachelorette parties or bridal shower pictures from friends.

Fortunately, once friends heard that we weren’t going to have any pre- wedding parties they stepped up to make us feel special. My Australian friend sent me some lingerie since I wasn’t having a bridal shower and my brother gifted us with a sign for our sweetheart table for an engagement gift.   It’s been great receiving attention from others before the wedding and it almost makes up for the lack of parties.

Top: Sweetheart table inspiration Image via Photography via Kimberly Brooke Photography   Bottom: By my brother

Sweetheart table sign  inspiration Image via Photography via Kimberly Brooke Photography   


My brother’s handiwork

Mr. G  and I still wanted to do some sort of alternative to the pre- wedding festivities so we booked a mini- vacation the weekend before the wedding to make up for our lack of bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Our plan will be pretty simple. We will stay at a nice hotel in Osaka and get a steak dinner at Lawry’s Steak House (one of the few American restaurants in Osaka) which Mr. G loves and then go to a piano bar for drinks which I love. Of course eating out at a nice restaurant and having drinks afterward is nowhere near as cool as having an awesome bachelorette party, but it is very “us” and I know we will enjoy it.

Are there any couples out there who are skipping the pre-wedding parties? Are you planning an alternative?


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