Who Is This Weirdo?

Mr. G and I finally had the chance to meet with the florist provided by our Japanese wedding venue last week. We sat down with the florist and he opened up by asking a few questions. “What colors do you like?” “Do you have a particular flower you would like to use?” “Would round arrangements be okay?” Our wedding coordinator jumped in and explained that I wanted to use jars that I had collected for centerpieces rather than a one-pot floral arrangement. I expected the florist’s eyes to light up and we would start talking about how he totally got my vision, but he just looked mystified. It was the same look I got at other venues when I talked about making my own invitations or having a photo booth. It was the “Who is this weirdo?” look.

Japanese weddings are very easy to plan. You book the venue and they take care of everything from invitations to flowers to food. The average time between engagement and wedding in Japan is between two to three months since weddings are so simple to plan. In my experience, it seems that most brides in Japan aren’t interested in planning elaborate DIY or one-of-a -kind weddings that are starting to be more common in other countries.

My Japanese wedding planner is use to all of the DIY ideas and American touches (like escort cards and place cards which seriously took 20 minutes to explain) that I wanted to add to the wedding, but I think my florist was caught off guard by someone who wanted something a bit different. He hadn’t even brought any sort of catalog or portfolio for me to see what he usually prepares. I’m assuming that the brides he works with just leave everything in his hands. We ended up going over a few inspiration photos and I explained what I wanted. I hope I conveyed my vision well because I won’t see the flower arrangements until the day of the wedding. I’m pretty nervous about this, but if the flowers don’t turn out well I won’t be too stressed because I will definitely be getting what I want at my American wedding.  I had an amazing consultation with my American Wedding florist, Vicky Rotunno.  We talked in detail about the perfect flowers to match my vision. I got no “Who is this weirdo?” look from her and she actually said she was excited to do something a bit different from the norm.

Bouquet inspiration from Mrs. Thimble Image via weddingbee.com

I fell in love with Mrs. Thimble’s bouquet and want a variation for my wedding. Image via weddingbee.com

More floral inspiration for the American wedding. Image via Style Me Pretty Photography by Brooke Schultz

More floral inspiration for the American wedding. Image via Style Me Pretty /Photography by Brooke Schultz Photography

A sample of the florals I will be having at the American wedding

A sample of the flowers I will be having at the American wedding.

Have you ever gotten a weird look from a vendor when you requested something a bit different? Did you stick to your guns or did you become nervous about your decision?


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