Digital DIY

When some people hear the phrase DIY their mind usually jumps to items such as paper goods, hot glue guns, and glitter, but when it comes to wedding planning there is another DIY aspect, the digital DIY aspect like slideshows and/ or videos. Both of our weddings will be having some DIY digital entertainment that I hope our guests enjoy. The Japanese wedding won’t have dancing so I feel that some sort of entertainment will be essential, and I think digital entertainment at the American wedding will just add to the festivities.

I don’t know if this is “a thing” in other countries, but a slideshow with pictures of the couple as they grow up is almost a requirement at a Japanese reception. I bought a Japanese wedding magazine and “collecting photos for the slideshow” was the first thing on the checklist.  Our venue offers a service that will produce a professional slideshow using your own photos for about $200 dollars. I gawked at the price and decided I could easily make one for free. I gathered a few photos from my parents and Mr. G’s parents and got to work.

Mr. G and his sister as babies.

Here is a photo we will be using in the slideshow of Mr. G and his sister as kids

 A young photo of me I will be using in the slideshow as well

A young photo of me I will be using in the slideshow as well

I decided that the easiest way to make the slideshow would be to put everything in chronological order. I’m sure professionals probably do it in a more non-linear way that is more exciting, but I wanted to keep it simple since I’m an amateur. I started with baby pictures of us, then moved on to pictures of us growing up, meeting, and then added a few shots of our proposal.  At the end we added a picture of us side by side as two babies. The only reason we ended it this way is because we remembered that the character Lily from How I Met Your Mother mentioned how lame it was, and we knew we had to do it.

Our lame ending photo for the slide show.

Our “lame “ending photo for the slide show.

We chose two songs for the slideshow. It will start with Coldplay’s Viva La Vida which is very moving and emotional and end with Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City’s  It’s Always a Good Time so it can end on an upbeat note.

Our second piece of digital entertainment is a short video about me and Mr. G’s life in Japan for the American wedding. I wanted to make a short video that described our life in Japan because our American wedding will be filled with people I haven’t seen in years and people I’ve never met before. I know an inevitable question I will be asked is “So what is Japan like?” I hate answering this question. It’s hard to sum up an entire country in just a few sentences. Especially a country that is so different from your own. I’m hoping to head our guest off at the pass with this video. It is by no means a professional- grade video, but I’m hoping that it’s low quality will make it cute. Feel free to check out a clip here.

Another piece of digital entertainment we are doing is a Find –The- Differences game for our after- party. As I explained in a previous post, Japanese after-parties are really game-nights.  Mr. G and I decided that a spot- the- differences game would be something fun. We invited Mr. G’s mother over one day and worked out lighting and positioning. Mr. G’s mom took a photo of us sitting down with a few items around us, then we got up switched a few things and sat back down in our original places and took another photo.

Here is photo 1. I'll reveal photo 2 once the after party is over.

Here is photo 1. I’ll reveal photo 2 once the after party is over.

Other digital entertainment will include a video message from my family at our Japanese wedding, and some friends are going to make a few digital shorts for our reception and after party.  All of the videos will be about two to three minutes long. Both my Japanese and American wedding planner warned me against making anything longer than 5 minutes or guests will lose interest. This was fine with me as it means less work for everyone making them.

I’m looking forward to having a bit of digital entertainment at the wedding. All eyes will be on the screen and not on us so we can relax for a moment or two.

Are you doing any digital entertainment at your wedding?


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