Wedding Date Worries

I don’t know if this made the news in other countries, but Kyoto and surrounding areas got hit by a pretty bad typhoon about two weeks ago. Rivers flooded, there were landslides, and quite a few people had to evacuate their homes. Mr. G and I were totally fine, except that we couldn’t use water for a few hours. While I was glued to the news hoping that people who were affected by the typhoon would be alright, I had a very bridal thought running through my mind- “Thank goodness I didn’t get married this weekend.”

Choosing your wedding date is no easy task. There are many things to consider such as weather, sport seasons (I hear some southern brides would never dream of getting married in the fall because of college football season), and religious holidays.  When I first started planning my weddings I thought about having something in September or August so I could use my school’s summer vacation for travel. I discussed this idea with a friend and she reminded me that September was during hurricane season. “You don’t want to get to married during hurricane season do you?” she asked.  I had been living in Japan for so long I had forgotten about hurricane season which is from June to November.

I’m originally from South Florida where hurricanes are not an uncommon occurrence. Big hurricanes don’t happen too often, but since I am coming all the way from Japan I don’t want to take any chances. I started thinking about ways to coordinate both wedding so that we could have the Japanese wedding right before the American wedding and still have good weather at both.  Hurricane season ends November 30th and the weather in Florida is perfectly comfortable in December. Unfortunately, December in Kyoto is quite cold and I didn’t want to get married in the winter.  We decided to take our chances and have our wedding at the tail end of hurricane season in early November, and have our Japanese wedding in mid-October when the weather is nice and the autumn foliage is in full display.

The wedding dates we chose have some pros and cons. The October Japanese wedding date is pretty amazing. Kyoto will be covered in stunning red maple leaves. Unfortunately, many tourist come to see the foliage and Kyoto hotels book years in advance during this time. It was difficult finding hotels for our out- of- town guests.

Kyoto in the fall image via

Kyoto in the fall is quite beautiful
Image via

November weather in south Florida is quite nice. There won’t be many mosquitoes and it (hopefully) won’t be too oppressively hot and humid around that time.  On the other hand, we are still technically in hurricane season. I’ve done some research and the chance of a hurricane coming in November is extremely low, but hey, I’m paranoid.

Our wedding dates also affected our honeymoon plans.  I went online to see how to pack for our honeymoon in Italy and was disappointed to see that November is the wettest month.  After seeing this I wanted to push our honeymoon back until May of the next year, but Mr. G is insistent that we go straight after the wedding so it feels more like a “honeymoon.”  I’ve been to Italy before so I will be fine and it gives me an excuse to buy a pair of cute Coach rain boots I’ve been eyeing, but I was worried that the possible rain may affect his first trip to Europe, but he says he won’t mind the rain. A part of me still wishes I had considered our honeymoon when choosing our wedding dates.

What did you consider when choosing your wedding date? Have you had any problems with it?


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