Bilingual Wedding Website

No matter how informative you make your wedding invitations or wedding website, people will still call or email you questions- questions that can be easily answered by looking at the invitation or the wedding website. It can be frustrating sometimes. When I’m in a particularly bad mood, I ask myself why I even bothered to make a wedding website if no one is going to look at it, but in the end I’m always glad I made one. It’s much easier to type “Just go to our website and click on the hotel tab” rather than writing out all of the information.

The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Wedding Jojo all make very easy to use wedding websites with great features such as online RSVP and beautifully made templates, but I was saddened to see that I could not input Japanese into any. I needed to make a wedding website that could be written in both Japanese and English so I looked around online and it seemed that my best bet was to make a website using Google Sites and their wedding template. It had all of the typical wedding website sections- venue information, photos, about us, registry information etc. It also offered a RSVP form that your guests could fill in. The responses would be sent to your Google Drive account as a spreadsheet.

I decided to make two separate websites- one website would in Japanese about the Japanese wedding (with an English page for foreign guests) and one website would be in English about the American wedding. I filled out the templates in the respective languages.

The English version

The English version

The Japanese version

The Japanese version

I then purchased a domain name and posted a gateway page to the address where guests could choose their language and be taken to the respective Google Site.

If you enter our domain name you will be sent here, to our gateway page.  My awesome friend Gia designed this.

If you enter our domain name you will be sent to our gateway page. My awesome friend Gia designed this.

Making both of the webpages took me about two hours of filling in information for each template. I made a tabs for Venue Info, About Us, Contact, Registry, RSVP, and information about the other wedding in case anyone was going. It was tedious, but it felt great to be done. I had cracked the bilingual wedding website code!

That is, until I went to check out my wedding website on my iPhone. All of the pages were fine until I got to the RSVP form page. The Google drive form simply didn’t show up on my iPhone. This freaked me out because 1) I planned on requesting that everyone RSVP by using the wedding website and 2) Japanese people do everything by their mobile phone. I’m sure most Americans were also going to RSVP by using their mobile phones as well so not having an RSVP function on the mobile site basically made the website useless.

After some research I deduced that iPhones don’t support Google iFrames which is what the RSVP form had been loaded in. I saw other people online complaining about this feature and there seemed to be no remedy at the time (perhaps the iOS 7 doesn’t do this). I started to freak out even more.

In the end, I decided I needed to make an RSVP form especially for mobile users on a different site. I ended up making a feedback form on WordPress that would let the user input their name and their RSVP response. I put a link on the Google Site RSVP page that notified mobile phone users to click on that particular link and fill out forms there.

I included the second sentence for mobile users.

My Google Site RSVP page with the added sentence for mobile device users to click on a separate link

Screenshot of the mobile RSVP form on WordPress

Screenshot of the mobile RSVP form on WordPress

This system has worked perfectly and I only have to check my email and Google Drive for RSVPs, but the whole time period of being stressed out about the website and mobile RSVPS was awful. My website is not as cohesive as I would like since users have to go to a different website and I worry how user- friendly it is. So far, no one seems to have trouble and my RSVPS are coming in perfectly. I just wish there had been an easier way.

I don’t know if this will make you insanely rich, but if there are any web developers out there looking for an untapped market check out bilingual wedding websites. In my research I couldn’t find any wedding website that offered this service and this something I would have definitely paid for.

Is anyone making a bilingual wedding website? What service did you use? Did you run into any problems?


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