Secret Life of Bees: Gondola Edition

Hive, it’s been a while and I’m so glad to be back!  The American wedding and honeymoon were so amazing. Unfortunately,  going back to work after a long vacation hasn’t been fun. Ever since I’ve gotten back from the honeymoon I feel like I’ve been playing catch up to get back into the groove of work, household chores, and blogging. Luckily,  I feel that I’m finally all caught up and ready to start blogging again. I thought I would jump back into blogging with an ongoing series post  before I start my recaps.

1. My First Crush
As a child, I grew up loving science. I loved to watch shows like Mr. Wizard’s World and would read any kid-friendly science book that I could get my hands on.  I happily attended summer science school all through my pre-teen years and hoped I would become a  scientist some day. (I think that if I’d never been forced into Japanese class in high school I would have probably become a chemist or biologist.) Being so immersed in the science world, my first crush was not the typical  90’s heart throb like Justin Taylor Thomas or Joey Lawrence.  To my science-loving 12 year old self, the coolest guy around was no other than Bill Nye the Science Guy. I was about 11 or 12 when I first saw his show and he made science seem so cool and accessible. Now I know that Bill Nye is in no way “heart-throbby” or “hot” in the traditional  aesthetic of a pre-teen crush, but I just felt like Bill Nye “got” me. The awesome bow ties and grass -covered car just sealed the deal for my nerdy heart. I was smitten.

Image via

I love a man in a bow tie. Image via

I still get pretty big laughs from friends when they hear he was my first crush, but lately Bill Nye has been in the media more often and he’s usually pretty awesome. I think more people are able to see what charmed me about Bill Nye back in the day.

2. I Failed at Gyaru

I had a deep love affair with Japanese fashion in my early 20’s. I loved the colorful clothes and the almost overbearing cuteness of everything.

Two of my college friends all "dolled" up in 2006.

Two of my college friends all “dolled” up in 2006.

I started venturing into gyaru fashion: big light -colored hair, raccoon eyes, and lots of pink and black clothing.

61uyeXeLzaL B001V8UNXY.09.LZZZZZZZ

Covers of my favorite gyaru magazine “Egg.” Images via (left) and (right)

I started wearing gyaru clothes and putting pink and yellow extensions in my hair. I always got lots of compliments and decided to go full gyaru and dye most of my hair blonde and then pink.  I went to the supermarket got a box of blond hair dye, dyed (bleached really) my hair and….. my hair turned neon orange.

I thought I was going to "dye" of embarrassment when I took the picture.

I thought I was going to “dye” of embarrassment when I took the picture.

This picture does not do justice to how badly my hair looked. It was a shocking orangish- yellow color and, according to my roommate, it hurt your eyes to just look at it. I immediately put on a cap and bought some dark brown hair dye which turned my hair a light orange that was tolerable, but still pretty bad.  A week later I bought black hair dye which turned my hair a purple-ish red color. A week later most of my dyed hair fell out (mostly likely due to over- processing) and I vowed to never dye my hair again. I gave up gyaru fashion and focused on growing my hair back.

3. I Do Light Therapy

I was born and raised in Florida and I love sunny weather. I was actually hesitant to move to Japan and its four months of winter, but everyone told me I would get use to it and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I learned that this wasn’t the case for me.  Winter is an absolutely horrible time for me. It isn’t just the cold, which I’m still not use to, but the awful mood I had every winter. Every year, from about January to March, I would turn into an irritable and very sad person and start and finish everyday feeling as if I was in a deep hole that I could never get out off. My sister, a psychologist, mentioned light therapy and I decided to give it a try. After some research I bought a Happy Light by Verilux and do light therapy every morning. Light therapy just involves sitting in front of the light while I watch TV or play with my iPhone. I wake up at about 5:45 am on the weekdays and sit in front of the light for about 30 minutes. This could be a placebo effect, but I definitely feel better mentally now that I do light therapy. The cold weather is still pretty awful, but my mood is definitely much better throughout the day. Mr. G also says that I snap at him much less now that I do light therapy.

So hive, there is my secret life for you. Do any of you have an embarrassing pre-teen crush? A horrible dye job story? I’d love to hear it!


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