That’s Amore: Tutus and Ninjas

Woo-hoo! It’s time to get started with my recaps. Let’s jump right in!

Guests from overseas started flying into Japan a few days before the wedding reception. Mr. G was able to take a few days off  before the wedding, but I sadly could not.  While Mr. G was hanging out with our out of town guests I was working full time and meeting with everyone later in the evening. Needless to say, I hardly got any sleep the week before the wedding, but  I was glad to see all of my friends and family and hear all about their fun adventures in Japan.

My sister kept sending me pictures of all the buttons on the toilet. She couldn't believe there were so many.

All of the out- of -town guests were impressed by the number of buttons found on a Japanese toilet.

My boss let me leave work early on Friday, the day before our wedding. I got my nails done, hung out with my family for a bit,  and then raced to the hotel where Mr. G and I were going to stay for the wedding weekend. We decided to spend the weekend at a hotel near our venue rather than driving from home to cut down on stress about traffic and to be close to all of our OOT guests. It was a great decision and one I highly recommend. I had to race to the hotel in order to get ready for the rehearsal dinner we had planned that evening. Now this was not a traditional rehearsal dinner as there was technically nothing to rehearse beforehand since  we decided to not have a ceremony in Japan, only a reception. We just called it the rehearsal dinner since it was the big dinner the night before the wedding.

I had been debating what to wear to the rehearsal dinner for quite some time.  I initially thought about wearing a white dress, but had trouble finding one.  I was looking through my Pinterest board one day and stumbled across some of my early wedding dress inspiration: long flowing tulle skirts.

il_570xN.405694367_5ad7 il_570xN.468261124_lrhl

Images via

It was difficult to find a top to go with these gorgeous skirts so I gave up on the idea and bought by my wedding dress at David’s bridal; however, I thought a variation of this skirt would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner.  A short tulle skirt would be fun, flirty, and feminine. I Googled “tulle DIY skirt,” found an easy tutorial, and was quickly able to make one.


It was a huge hit at the rehearsal dinner. What is even better, I was able to reuse it for Halloween.

Kumamon and I during Halloween

Kumamon and I during Halloween

Mr. G and I got ready for the rehearsal dinner and met everyone at a restaurant called Kyoto Ninja. It is a touristy, theme restaurant where all the waiters and waitresses wear ninja costumes and perform magic tricks throughout the dinner. Mr. G and I figured a restaurant like this would be perfect for our guests. It has English menus, tourist-friendly Japanese food,  and lots of photo-worthy moments.

The wait staff at Kyoto Ninja

The wait staff at Kyoto Ninja

Before we had dinner Mr. G gave a speech to thank everyone for being there and he and I both got a little choked up. Friends and family from all over the globe had come to Kyoto to celebrate our marriage. I couldn’t believe so many people would go through all that trouble- long flights, long drives- just to see us. I was truly touched.  Mr. G finished his toast and we all chowed down on some sukiyaki and sushi.

Mr. G's dad stirring some sukiyaki.

Mr. G’s dad stirring some sukiyaki. Pardon the blurriness.

Group photo of everyone at dinner

Group photo of everyone at dinner

My friends heard I never had a bachelorette party and presented me with a bachelorette sash and crown.

My friends heard I never had a bachelorette party and presented me with a bachelorette sash and crown.

After dinner was finished, Mr. G and his friends left to get more drinks and had a mini stag night. I headed back to the hotel and immediately crashed at about 10pm.  I think I’d slept about 10 hours the week before the wedding and my body was ready for some much needed sleep. Mr. G came in an hour later, but I didn’t even hear him come in.

The next day we woke up and it was our wedding day!

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