That’s Amore: Cocktail Hour

While Mr. G and I were getting our first look and family photos taken our guests were invited to come to the reception an hour before it started to get settled and enjoy some drinks and sushi.

013 108

Our sushi chef and the sushi. Photography by Teppei Kawakami

Our guests were also able to take a look at a few items we placed on the table such as their place cards on our DIY cork stands. It’s customary to write a small thank you note on the back of every place card so our guests were able to read those. In addition, we had informational pamphlets about Mr. G and I  at each setting. Japanese weddings usually have little get-to-know- the- couple books with a seating chart and personal information about the bride and groom such as date of birth, hobbies, and blood- type (Asian horoscopes are sometimes blood- type based).

photo (3)

A place setting with the get- to- know -us pamphlet, place card, and holder


Our guests seemed very impressed by the cork place card holders! Photography by Teppei Kawakami

Our guests also wrote on some Jenga blocks for the guest book.


Some of our guests drew great pictures on them!

They were also able to play a  scratch- off lottery ticket we included in our get-to-know-us pamphlets.  We bought 75 scratch -off tickets and one person won $2. I don’t know if I like those odds.


Our get- to- know- us pamphlet with the scratch-off card in the center.

They also used our DIY photo booth. Everyone seemed to have a blast using the props we bought on Etsy.

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One of the few things that I disliked about the wedding was that I wasn’t able to attend cocktail hour (due to timing it was impossible). I heard the sushi was amazing and I wanted to see our guests’ reactions to the lottery scratch- off cards and thank you notes.

Are you planning to attend your cocktail hour? For those who are already married, did you attend yours? Did you regret not attending it?

recap icon

Miss a recap? We have our rehearsal dinner, we set up the venue, and then we do our first look and family photos.


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