That’s Amore: We Blatantly Copy the Internet

One night, early in our engagement, Mr. G and I were sitting on the couch catching up on old episodes of The Office and happened to watch the episode of Jim and Pam’s wedding.  Mr. G and I laughed as the cast redid the infamous JK wedding video. I looked over to Mr. G and said (half jokingly) “We should totally do that at our wedding!” Mr. G looked back at me said “We should! It’ll be fun and our Japanese guests will be super surprised. ”

Japanese wedding receptions can be extremely formal. One friend told me that she was “afraid to stand up and go to the bathroom” while she attended one because the atmosphere was so tense. Mr. G and I didn’t want an overly formal reception and we thought that doing a big, fun entrance would be a great way to set the tone for the reception and let our guests know that this wasn’t going to be a traditional Japanese reception.

We asked our siblings and friends, who would be coming from overseas, to do the dance and they all agreed.  There would be no way could all practice except on the day of the wedding so I did my best to coordinate everyone online. I paired my friends together and let them know the time they would freestyle dance.  At the end we would copy the video exactly so they could practice at home if they wanted to.

On the day of the wedding we practiced for an hour before the family photos and first look photos were taken.  My biggest worry was that their wouldn’t be enough time to practice and the entrance would look horrible, but everyone was so excited to dance that the practice went smoothly. We worked out  a few kinks and my cousins April and Shai took over once I had to get ready for the first look.


Everyone practicing the dance two hours before the wedding.

Once cocktail hour was finished, it was time for Mr. G and I to make our entrance! Our wedding planner made sure all of our guests were in attendance and seated and then called all the dancers to the entrance. Mr. G handed out sunglasses we bought cheaply on Amazon (12 for $10!).  We took a quick group photo and all lined up to dance.


The music started and  it was time to dance!


Mr. G’s sister Hazel and his best friend Stuart, host of the IFC travel show Young, Broke, and Beautiful.


My brother Howard and sister Mimi


My university friends Aya and Rika


Mr. G’s entrance!

If you have 4 minutes you can check out the video here.

Mr. G had an amazing time dancing, so amazing in fact that he forgot all about his cues. At moment 3. 46 of the video you can see me waving my hand for Mr. G to come over, but he was having too much fun dancing to notice. He finally noticed after the second time I waved him over, but by then we were a bit off  rhythm so the ending isn’t perfect.  I didn’t mind though, it was so much fun to see everyone have a good time.

The dance was a big hit! I was worried that the older members of Mr. G’s family wouldn’t like the entrance, but they loved it.

Have you ever considered doing a big entrance at your wedding?

*Photography by Teppei  Kawakami

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The sushi at cocktail hour was great.


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