That’s Amore: Kampai!

After the boss’s speech, Mr. G’s coworker, Takahashi, said the toasting speech. Takahashi usually does the toasting speech at Mr. G’s co-workers weddings since he is a pretty funny guy. He started the speech with the normal congratulations to the happy couple and then said “I am so glad to be at an international event and in honor of the international guests I have decided to speak a few words in English.”  My jaw, as well as Mr. G’s,  dropped. We knew Takahashi could’t speak English and only had a rudimentary understanding of it from taking it in high school many years ago. He comically cleared his throat,  took out a piece of paper and with a big smile said,

“I am Takahashi. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Gondola inviting me wedding reception and celebrate your together marriage.”


Everyone started laughing; not at Takahashi, but with him. It was easy to see that he knew his imperfect English would be a hilarious treat for all of us.

“I have known Mr. G about for 7 years. Mr. G is can reliable man and hard-worker. He cook delicious food for Mrs. G. Mrs. G is very beautiful woman and has bright smile. I wish you many years happiness. Mrs. G, Mr.G late at night working. Please don’t scold him.  1000 years happiness to you! Happy Wedding!”

The whole room was laughing and applauding. He brought down the house! I was incredibly touched. He had probably tirelessly gone through a dictionary or had his high school daughter write this speech for us.  I couldn’t have asked for a funnier or sweeter speech.  After that he launched back into Japanese and asked us to be kind to one another and raise our children well. He then spoke about what a good man Mr. G is, and how he hoped us lots of happiness.


Mr. G and I laughing at Takahashi’s speech.

As his speech was winding down, he referenced our get-to-know- the-couple booklet where we wrote that we wanted to retire to a mansion with lots of robots (I’m obsessed with robots).  “I see that you want to move to a mansion in Hawaii with lots of robots. Well, instead of a robot how about,” he then crouched down on one knee and jumped up and shouted  “Evangelion!”

Everyone started laughing again. In appearance, Takahashi looks like a conservative 50- year- old man, but he is actually a big anime lover. He has found a way to incorporate his favorite anime, Evangelion (an anime about giant fighting robots), into every speech he has done at a wedding. I was so glad he could incorporate it in ours as well.

He held up his glass and everyone stood up and shouted” Kampai” (the Japanese version of “Cheers!”).



Our reception had officially begun!

What were the speeches like at your wedding? Do you prefer sentimental speeches or funny speeches at a wedding?

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Photography by Teppei Kawakami



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