That’s Amore: We Cut the Cake

About fifteen minutes of our reception had passed and it was time to cut the cake. Very early, right? Cake cutting at Japanese receptions take place at the beginning of the reception as opposed to most western wedding receptions where it takes place at the end. The cake was brought out and we posed with our custom- made cake toppers that we bought on Etsy and placed them on the cake.


We had a typical Japanese wedding cake: a vanilla sheet cake with lots of fruit on top.

I hid our cake toppers from Mr.G  because they were modeled with the clothes that we would be wearing at the wedding and I wanted my dress to be a complete surprise for him.  Mr. G was so interested in looking at them that he accidentally got his sleeve covered in cake frosting.


Laughing because Mr. G’s sleeve got covered in frosting.

We cut the cake and Mr. G gave me a nice small bite. Our wedding planner then handed me a giant spoon to feed Mr. G. Everyone laughed.


Mr. G trying to fit the giant spoon in his mouth.

Giving the groom his first bite of wedding cake with a giant spoon or a small shovel is current trend in Japan. Does that happen in other countries too?

A few weeks before the wedding, our wedding planner asked if we wanted to do a “Last Bite” where Mr. G’s mother feeds him a piece of cake symbolizing her giving him his last bite of food as he is now a grown man with a wife who will be feeding him from now on. We both didn’t like the idea of that and shot it  down.

The cake was delicious!  It was light and fluffy and I wanted more, but they were about to serve dinner so we sat down and dinner service began.

Are there any cake cutting traditions unique to your family or culture?

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Photography by Teppei Kawakami 

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